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ChristineThis website features sauces, marinades, herb butters, gravies and more. There are recipes for all seasons and occasions, easy ones for the beginner chef, and brand new ideas for savory or sweet sauces and gravies amongst other recipes. These are all easy to prepare and go with a wide variety of food. You will find sauces, gravies and marinades for meat, fish, seafood, poultry, vegetables, fruit, and so much more.

Let Me Introduce Myself

My name is Christine and I would like to tell you a little more about myself, and also something about and some of our other food websites.

I am a happily married mom to 4 boys, well actually young men now, and food is a large part of our lives. Guys just love to eat and coming up with different meals every day can be a challenge. In addition to that, I was diagnosed with MS a while ago and I cannot stand for long periods of time, so standing over the stove for hours is out of the question. The guys still need quality meals though, which offer all the flavor they dream of and all the nutrition their growing bodies need.

Settling for readymade ‘food’ out of a box was out of the question and I needed to find another way of feeding them and find out how to make easy meals with good ingredients. Discovering new ways to cook and new dishes meant I fell in love with cooking all over again, and I wanted this passion to be reflected in all the websites I have, mainly because it was hard to find anywhere else offering easy, nutritious and appealing recipes.

I’m often dismayed at what some of my fellow entrepreneurs put out there. It’s about as good as the stuff in the boxes I refused to feed my family. I try to reflect quality in every food website I build, and this includes every single component of the site from the articles on the main page to all the recipes in the categories. This stays the same whether it is in one of our dessert sites like or a main course site such as

So Why Sauces?

A sauce is something that can complete a meal. Even if you have prepared the most succulent steak, a perfectly barbequed pork chop or some juicy chicken, you can make such a dish even better by adding a homemade sauce. A drizzle of buttery, creamy sauce over chicken breast can transform it from something simple into something incredible, some sweet, lightly spiced applesauce served with pork loin adds a contrasting fruity flavor, and homemade chocolate sauce poured over strawberries makes a simple fruit dessert into something truly decadent.

There are sauce recipes for all seasons and occasions. Some are mild, while others are spicy or sweet. Some have a thin consistency so they can be drizzled while others are thicker and they can be spooned. Some sauces might have chunks in them, and are nice served alongside a dish or with a salad. I love the versatility of sauces, and how they can really complete a meal. Homemade sauces are also really easy, much simpler than many home cooks realize.

Sauces can be divided into a few categories, including marinades, herb butters and gravies. Each of these is made using liquid and served as a secondary component to your meal, making them true sauces. Yes you can buy readymade sauce but just look at the ingredients label and ask yourself whether you really want all those chemical flavors and additives, especially when some of the best sauces only require a few ingredients and are really quick and easy to prepare yourself.

The Mother Sauces

Everyone can name at least a few sauces, and there are probably ones you eat every week or several times a week, such as tomato sauce, pesto, ice cream sauce, cheese sauce and more. Classic sauces include the five ‘mother sauces’ which is something young chefs learn in culinary college in their first week – béchamel, tomato, velouté, espagnole and hollandaise. Each one of those is the starting point for other sauces.

For example, béchamel can be made into mornay sauce or mustard sauce, tomato sauce can become Portuguese sauce or creole sauce, velouté is the starting point for shrimp or mushroom sauce, espagnole sauce becomes port wine sauce or charcutière sauce, and hollandaise can be turned into béarnaise or mousseline sauce. Learn these five mother sauces and you will be able to make tens more sauce recipes using one of those as your base.

Our Core Food Sites

Lately we decided to transform our older websites, giving them a facelift plus increased user functionality. Our new sites, such as, also have these superior features. We took more than a hundred sites offline and focused on several core websites. We are in the process of making them real authority sites. We already had steak marinade, chicken marinade, gravy and herb butters on other sites, so it made sense to put them all together in one place under the ‘sauces’ umbrella, rather than have them spread out in other places.

Every page here is packed with unique specialty food content and thousands of hours of research and writing, design and coding have gone into every page of to bring the best possible experience to you, the visitor. We sincerely hope you like the results we achieved. If so, why not share at your favorite social bookmark site and let others know what you discovered?

We really appreciate your votes and it helps us concentrate on what we do best – offer all the best food content and the recipes you love to cook.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy our site,

Christine and Everyone here at

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Christine Szalay-Kudra

Hello, I'm Christine. Thanks for dropping by and welcome to Amazing Sauces. Food is a very important part of our family's lives, and I find a homemade sauce often finishes a dish perfectly. Whether you are making something with chicken, beef, pork, vegetables, an appetizer, or even a dessert recipe, a sauce is often the ideal finishing touch.

You will find many sauce recipes here, all conveniently in one place, from the classics like tomato sauce, béchamel sauce and cheese sauce, to gravies, marinades, and unusual ideas for sauces too like ginger-plum sauce or gorgonzola sauce.

Some sauces can be drizzled over the meal, while others are best served on the side. Some will work as a dip or sauce, while others are great for basting, marinating or adding a splash of color to a recipe. Try our creamy gravies with your breakfast, one of our international steak marinades for a sophisticated spin on dinner, or learn how to make a classic béarnaise or rich red wine sauce to complement your dish.

Thanks for visiting,


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