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How Long Do You Bake Chicken Leg Quarters?

Chicken quarters are easy to cook and sometimes you can find them on special offer at the grocery store. Whether you are buying fresh or frozen poultry it is worth learning the answer to “how long do you bake chicken leg quarters” and finding out how to give them maximum flavor.

There are two ways to flavor your leg quarters. One way would be to make a tasty marinade and let the poultry soak in there. Another way is to add flavor to the chicken leg quarters just before you cook them. Either way, you will need to preheat your oven to 375 degrees F so the chicken cooks perfectly.

Preparing Your Chicken

You will need one bird in four quarters. If you are going to add flavor to it just before cooking, rather than using a marinade, you will need to wash the poultry and pat it dry with paper towels.

If you are not using a marinade, you can add flavor a different way. Sprinkle salt and pepper over the chicken and then toss it with a mixture of lemon juice, extra-virgin olive oil, dried herbs, and garlic. Creole seasoning is also nice with baked chicken leg quarters.

The Cooking Time

How Long Do You Bake Chicken Leg Quarters?You will need to bake the chicken for about ninety minutes, turning the pieces once about halfway through the cooking time. When you think the quarters are ready, you can check by piercing a thick part with a fork and seeing whether the juices run clear. If so, the quarters are ready to eat.

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