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How to Grill Chicken Legs the Right Way

There are different ways to grill chicken legs but you might like to marinate the chicken drumsticks before you begin, to infuse them with flavor. There is usually room to breathe when making chicken marinade recipes and that means the measurements can be approximate rather than exact with them.

Use a Ziploc bag to marinate the meat, or a glass or plastic container with a lid. You will need less marinade with a Ziploc bag though, since you will squeeze the air out and maximize the contact area between the marinade and the poultry. With a bowl or dish there is always more marinade under the poultry and less on top so you will have to stir it often. A Ziploc bag eliminates this problem.

Tips for Crispy Chicken Skin

After marinating your chicken legs for a few hours, put them on a preheated grill using a pair of tongs, and cook them covered over a moderate heat. Flip and rotate them and move them to a cooler area if the outside is scorching too much. Keep the lid on the grill but check the chicken legs every few minutes. The answer to ‘how long do you cook chicken legs on the grill’ is not until they are burnt!

After about twenty minutes the legs will be done but check the internal temperature using a digital thermometer to be sure. The temperature needs to be 160 degrees F. Check the temperature in the thickest part of the leg, next to but not touching the bone. The cooked chicken legs will be firm to the touch, as well as crispy and lightly browned.

How to Grill Chicken Legs the Right Way

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