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Preparing Chicken Marinades Safely

There is no doubt that the recipes you find will provide your food with some delicious flavor. What you need to keep in mind is that just like any raw meat, you have the potential for illness if you do not handle it properly. It is because of that you need to keep some basic tips in mind before you use raw juices and cooking utensils in this process.

Proper food handling is a must if you want to keep your family safe. There are plenty of old wives tales out there that the acid base used to tenderize chicken breasts will help to kill the bacteria that are in them. The truth is there are no proven effects of this acid and you are going to encounter salmonella if you do not handle poultry properly.

Chicken Marinade Recipe Safety Tips

What you are going to find is in most chicken marinade recipes, there is going to be poultry juices used to help enhance the flavor. Since you are going to have raw juices that are used, you will want to be sure that you take a moment to kill the bacteria that is in this. Simply boiling the liquid to a temperature of 165 degrees F will prove to be very effective. Along with this, you are going to find that it only takes five additional minutes of cooking to keep your family safe.

Those five minutes of course deals with both the boiling time and the time when you need to stop using the marinade to baste your chicken during the last few minutes of the grilling or baking process. That way, if there are any bacteria left in the marinade, your cooking method has the ability to kill those germs.

Preparing Chicken Marinades SafelyNow, with this in mind, you are going to find that you also need to ensure that your chicken is perfectly cooked before you serve it as well. You can follow proper preparation techniques, but if there is any pink left in your chicken, your family will still be at risk for sickness that can be caused by the germs that the poultry might have.

Freshness Matters

Freshness of your meat is going to be important as well. A good idea will be for you to take a moment and smell your meat. If it smells spoiled or sour, it will taste horrible and can cause food poisoning. While you might be under the impression that you can cook away any germs, spoiled meat is not going to improve just because you cook it.

During this time, you need to make sure that you also use proper hygiene techniques in your kitchen as well. Always wash your hands for 30 seconds when you are handling raw meat. Along with this, have all your jewelry removed and be sure to scrub under your fingernails as well. Any germs that remain on your hands can be put on raw foods, such as a garden salad if not washed properly.

That also means you should use clean utensils after you have handled the meat as well. Never use a dirty utensil used for handling the chicken on anything else until it has been washed and sterilized.

By following this advice, you are going to find that you are able to enjoy all the delicious items you can make in the kitchen and remain safe from some of the dangerous germs that can come with improper food handling.


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