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If steak ranks in your top five of foods you could not live without you are not alone. Steak has many fans all over the globe, and that is no surprise because of the fantastic flavor and texture it boasts. Steak can be cooked in various ways, ranging from pan-frying and broiling to char-grilling.

It combines with all kinds of sauces from light and delicate to robust and rich-tasting as well as various side dishes from fries, sweet potato wedges or rice to creamed spinach, broiled tomatoes, garlic mushrooms, garlic bread, mixed salad, and so many more. Steak can be cooked to any doneness you want, and you can choose from so many cuts.

Interesting Steak Articles

Whether you are new to preparing and cooking steak, or a seasoned chef, hopefully some of our articles will make interesting reading. Learn about cooking temperatures and doneness, find out how to cook filet mignon, sirloin steak, and even Salisbury steak and cube steak, and discover new ideas such as how to make blackened steak or how to cook flat iron, a cut you might not have fixed before. We also have articles about this history of beef, advice about seasoning your meat perfectly, getting the best flavor when broiling your steak, and even an informative steak glossary.

Is your mouth watering yet? A lot of people just have to hear the word ‘steak’ to begin envisioning this lovely dish. But of course there is something else to consider, and that is whether to use a marinade or whether to serve the steak with a sauce. We also have plenty of ideas for marinades and sauces, to finish your steak off perfectly and give it the perfect finish this wonderful deserves.

Steak Articles:




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Hello, I'm Christine. Thanks for dropping by and welcome to Amazing Sauces. Food is a very important part of our family's lives, and I find a homemade sauce often finishes a dish perfectly. Whether you are making something with chicken, beef, pork, vegetables, an appetizer, or even a dessert recipe, a sauce is often the ideal finishing touch.

You will find many sauce recipes here, all conveniently in one place, from the classics like tomato sauce, béchamel sauce and cheese sauce, to gravies, marinades, and unusual ideas for sauces too like ginger-plum sauce or gorgonzola sauce.

Some sauces can be drizzled over the meal, while others are best served on the side. Some will work as a dip or sauce, while others are great for basting, marinating or adding a splash of color to a recipe. Try our creamy gravies with your breakfast, one of our international steak marinades for a sophisticated spin on dinner, or learn how to make a classic béarnaise or rich red wine sauce to complement your dish.

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