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Sausage and Caramelized Onions in Gravy with Mashed Potatoes

A few notes before you get into the recipe the sausage although I call out for sweet Italian sausage feel free to substitute whatever sausage you like best including hot Italian it is a personal preference I just needed something to fill the ingredient and I am in no way telling you to eat this and only this eat what you like this recipe works well with almost any kind of sausage you like. The same goes for the onions although I use red feel free to use yellow or even sweet onions if you prefer.

When grilling the sausage it is best to use an indirect heat so you don’t char the sausage and leave the middle under cooked you could also start them on the grill and then just pop them in the oven to finish the cooking process if the grill is giving you to many flare up issues just start them there so they get that smoky flavor your after and then a quick stay in the oven to finish cooking them don’t want any raw meat issues here.

When we don’t have the grill available we often cook them in the oven for connivance sake it does a nice job just check them often so you don incinerate them. Now the potatoes I give you a fairly simple recipe and the cream amount is an approximation as everyone has a different idea as to how firm mashed potatoes should be. Some like them super stiff while others almost like water it is up to you once again some things in cooking need to be adjusted for personal likes and dislikes so I can’t give you an exact that is perfect for you. Just don’t add all the cream at once as it is hard to take it out but easy to put a bit more in. Continue reading

Organic Brown Gravy for Meatloaf

My one non-food site is a product review site and how I set out doing that is I scour the net for reviews and seek out products with great reviews. The short of it is I do the leg work so busy moms have more time. Well, this got me thinking of this gravy recipe. Many these days are going either gluten-free or organic or both. But where do you find the stuff to do that? When I made this recipe, I sought out the best-reviewed products to make gluten-free, organic brown gravy for meatloaf.

I thought what is the point of making this recipe if you have no idea of what to use to end up totally organic and gluten-free in the process? I mean it is nice to say ‘use organic ingredients or gluten-free ones’ but if you have no idea of what are the good ones you’re going to be making a lot more gravy, I bet, than you were setting out to do.

So in doing this recipe I went through the reviews and, trust me, all the good and the bad ones, to find a set of products that people said were worth the money. After all, who wants to buy a bunch of stuff only to find out it’s gross? I don’t and that is why I have so many suggestions in this recipe. Of course if you have one you like better, or like period, then go with what you know. I would. I merely wanted options available to you to make the recipe within the scope of the description. Continue reading

How to Make Bread Machine Biscuits

If bread machine biscuits sound easy to you, you are right in one way but not in another. The point of a bread machine is that it is supposed to be a timesaving device. If you want to make bread or dinner rolls in there, you simply add the ingredients in the right order and the machine will mix and knead the dough for you. Some bread machines can also bake the bread but biscuits need to be baked in the oven. Also, when you make biscuits, you barely have to do any mixing. Over-mixing the dough can lead to the gluten toughening up which will give you tough biscuits. This is essential to know if you want to make melt-in-the-mouth biscuits.

To make the following biscuits recipe you need to add the dry ingredients to the bread machine, then the wet ones and let it run on a dough cycle. So, all in all, it does not save a lot of time using a bread machine instead of combining the ingredients by hand, so you will not really be gaining precious minutes.

Saying that, if you have a bread machine and you want to use it, why not try this bread machine recipe for biscuits, for convenience sake, and see if you like the results? If you like a whole wheat flavor, you can use three cups of bread flour and half a cup of wheat flour instead of using just bread flour. The change in flavor is slight but some people prefer it. Continue reading

Gorgeous Gravy to Serve with Beef Tips

Can you take a wild guess what the third most popular meat is in the world, accounting for about 25% of all the meat eaten? The answer is beef! Beef falls behind pork (38%) and poultry (30%) in the ranking of the most popularly consumed meat of all time. The term ‘beef’ is said to have come from the Latin term ‘bovinus.’ According to statistics, the three countries that are considered the largest beef consumers are the United States of America, Brazil and People’s Republic of China.

However, another statistic shows that the largest beef consumers per capita basis are Argentina, the US and Europe. Beef is indeed one of the most sought after meats around the globe. Australia, the US and Brazil are deemed the largest exporters of beef worldwide. So how did man start to eat beef? History says that the flesh of bovines was considered everyday food even during the prehistoric times.

Evidence was discovered even on the oldest and earliest cave paintings. However, it was around 8000 BC that the domestication of cattle began in order to increase the availability of not just the meat (beef), but the milk and leather that the cattle provide. As for the time when man began to cook beef, no one can pinpoint when it really started. Through time, man was able to differentiate the many different types of cows that can provide meat and milk. There are some kinds that provide great milk but not meat and vice versa. However, there are also those that can serve both purposes. The following homemade gravy recipe was created to complement beef tips. Continue reading

Tantalizing Turkey Gravy

A famous tradition celebrated by Americans every fourth Thursday of November is Thanksgiving. This is an occasion where all the families prepare a feast for everyone to partake in. The traditional foods that are prepared are those that can be thoroughly enjoyed by everybody in the family from the elderly to the little ones. What is that symbolic dish that almost all of the households prepare when celebrating Thanksgiving? Turkey of course!

A true Thanksgiving dinner is never complete without turkey. When you think about turkey, you immediately think about Thanksgiving and vice versa. Both are virtually inseparable! Do you know how turkeys started becoming staples for any Thanksgiving menu? History reveals that the custom began in New England way back in the nineteenth century. It is said that it was a custom for men to aim at a wild turkey running on the loose in the fields. The man who successfully got the turkey would win the bird as a prize. From then on, the turkey became an important symbol and the rest is history.

In order to truly celebrate Thanksgiving, it is always best to prepare and serve a menu that is simple but delicious. As for turkey, you need not think of any fancy way of cooking it. Roasted turkey is the best way to go. In addition, to accompany roasted turkey, what better sauce to prepare than a gorgeous homemade gravy? Keep in mind that the best thing you can do is use the juices from the turkey itself to make sumptuous gravy. What follows is a turkey gravy recipe I am sure you will absolutely love, made with turkey drippings, flour, butter, and black pepper. Continue reading

Traditional Giblet Gravy Recipe

Here is an easy giblet gravy recipe that you can make during the holidays for your family. Making a giblet gravy recipe is the only way to cook giblets. Holiday traditions are all about recipes you can hand down through the generations, so pass this giblet gravy recipe down through your family and they will thank you for it. Such a recipe is just what you need to make the tastiest, thickest and richest gravy to complement the turkey.

Try adding this giblet gravy recipe to your holiday menu this year. It is perfect for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. This is the traditional gravy made with turkey during the holidays. Although typically made during the festive season, it actually goes great with any poultry dish you chose to make. This giblet gravy marries easily with mashed potatoes, stuffing, rice, or even pasta. You can make a pan of this to dip your chicken tenders into – it is wonderful! To make a pot of this giblet gravy all you need is a little vegetable oil, some flour, chopped onion, celery leaves, water, poultry drippings, giblets, salt and pepper.

Follow the simple step by step directions below and in next to no time you will have a delicious pot of giblet gravy just like mom made during the holidays when you were growing up. You can also make a pot ahead, say a week or 2 before the holidays, and freeze it until required. Giblet gravy also goes very well when mixed into casseroles such as chicken and rice or pasta casserole. Furthermore, it tastes great on biscuits. There are so many ways you can use giblet gravy. Try a few of these examples for yourself. Continue reading

Red Wine Gravy with Celeriac Mash

This satisfying and delicious meal is a great example of a dish which needs gravy. Although gravy recipes are optional with some dishes, they are wonderful with sausages and mashed potatoes and you can make various kinds of gravies, depending on your preferences and which type of sausages you are using. It is usually a good idea to use high quality sausages because you can really taste the difference. You can poach the sausages for the following sausages in gravy recipe one or two days ahead of time if you want to.

The celeriac and potato mash makes a change from the mashed potatoes you might usually serve and the celeriac adds an interesting flavor, which goes very nicely with any kind of sausages and pretty much any kind of sauce or gravy.

Butter and cream are added to make it extra creamy and delicious. The gravy in this recipe is made with wine, parsley and beef stock and it is rich-flavored and quite dark. You can add some sugar to the gravy if the taste is too tart for you but some people prefer it that way so make sure you taste it before adding any.
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