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Beef Gravy

Organic Brown Gravy for Meatloaf

My one non-food site is a product review site and how I set out doing that is I scour the net for reviews and seek out products with great reviews. The short of it is I do the leg work so busy moms have more time. Well, this got me thinking of this gravy recipe. Many these days are going either gluten-free or organic or both. But where do you find the stuff to do that? When I made this recipe, I sought out the best-reviewed products to make gluten-free, organic brown gravy for meatloaf.

I thought what is the point of making this recipe if you have no idea of what to use to end up totally organic and gluten-free in the process? I mean it is nice to say ‘use organic ingredients or gluten-free ones’ but if you have no idea of what are the good ones you’re going to be making a lot more gravy, I bet, than you were setting out to do.

So in doing this recipe I went through the reviews and, trust me, all the good and the bad ones, to find a set of products that people said were worth the money. After all, who wants to buy a bunch of stuff only to find out it’s gross? I don’t and that is why I have so many suggestions in this recipe. Of course if you have one you like better, or like period, then go with what you know. I would. I merely wanted options available to you to make the recipe within the scope of the description. Continue reading

Gorgeous Gravy to Serve with Beef Tips

Can you take a wild guess what the third most popular meat is in the world, accounting for about 25% of all the meat eaten? The answer is beef! Beef falls behind pork (38%) and poultry (30%) in the ranking of the most popularly consumed meat of all time. The term ‘beef’ is said to have come from the Latin term ‘bovinus.’ According to statistics, the three countries that are considered the largest beef consumers are the United States of America, Brazil and People’s Republic of China.

However, another statistic shows that the largest beef consumers per capita basis are Argentina, the US and Europe. Beef is indeed one of the most sought after meats around the globe. Australia, the US and Brazil are deemed the largest exporters of beef worldwide. So how did man start to eat beef? History says that the flesh of bovines was considered everyday food even during the prehistoric times.

Evidence was discovered even on the oldest and earliest cave paintings. However, it was around 8000 BC that the domestication of cattle began in order to increase the availability of not just the meat (beef), but the milk and leather that the cattle provide. As for the time when man began to cook beef, no one can pinpoint when it really started. Through time, man was able to differentiate the many different types of cows that can provide meat and milk. There are some kinds that provide great milk but not meat and vice versa. However, there are also those that can serve both purposes. The following homemade gravy recipe was created to complement beef tips. Continue reading

Red Wine Gravy with Celeriac Mash

This satisfying and delicious meal is a great example of a dish which needs gravy. Although gravy recipes are optional with some dishes, they are wonderful with sausages and mashed potatoes and you can make various kinds of gravies, depending on your preferences and which type of sausages you are using. It is usually a good idea to use high quality sausages because you can really taste the difference. You can poach the sausages for the following sausages in gravy recipe one or two days ahead of time if you want to.

The celeriac and potato mash makes a change from the mashed potatoes you might usually serve and the celeriac adds an interesting flavor, which goes very nicely with any kind of sausages and pretty much any kind of sauce or gravy.

Butter and cream are added to make it extra creamy and delicious. The gravy in this recipe is made with wine, parsley and beef stock and it is rich-flavored and quite dark. You can add some sugar to the gravy if the taste is too tart for you but some people prefer it that way so make sure you taste it before adding any.
Continue reading

Easy Salisbury Steak Gravy Recipe

This easy Salisbury steak gravy recipe makes a great dinner for busy weeknights or a satisfying, warming meal for a lazy weekend. Salisbury steak is made with ground beef, egg, onion and other ingredients and it is a good budget alternative to steak. The ground beef mixture is almost as satisfying as a piece of steak but it is a fraction of the cost. It is nice to have steak sometimes but the cost can be prohibitive, which is why recipes like this easy Salisbury steak gravy recipe are so nice to learn.

The gravy is made while the Salisbury steak is keeping warm and it is made primarily with milk, beef bouillon, and mushrooms for a rich and unique flavor. You can serve broccoli and corn kernels with this easy Salisbury steak gravy recipe or you can serve other vegetables like green beans, green peas, or carrots.

Boiled or mashed potatoes are also nice with it. You can get frozen Salisbury steak in gravy but those dishes are nowhere near as good as this homemade recipe and once you have made this you will not want to buy the boxed meals again. Continue reading

One of the Best Hamburger Steak Brown Gravy Recipes

If you are looking for the best hamburger steak brown gravy recipes, you will love the following recipe. The hamburger steak is flavored with garlic and Worcestershire sauce but you could leave one or both of these ingredients out if you wanted to, and let the meat get all its flavor from the salt and pepper and, of course, the delicious brown gravy recipe on top. The patties can be pan fried or broiled but it is best to use a skillet since you can make the gravy in it with the drippings left in there.

The mushrooms and onion are cooked in the meat drippings and then arranged on top of the meat. Cooking them in the drippings gives them a beefy flavor and, in addition, the mushroom juice and onion will flavor the drippings, giving the gravy even more flavor. The gravy for this hamburger steak recipe is made with flour, water and a bouillon cube but do not forget most of the taste is going to come from the beef drippings, mushrooms, and onion.

This is a very satisfying dish, especially when you serve some fries or mashed potatoes on the side. Rice or noodles would also be good. You do not need to have a side dish because this hamburger steak and gravy has onions and mushrooms in it, but you could serve some corn on the cob, broccoli, or anything else you fancy. Hamburger steak is a budget alternative to other kinds of steak because it is made with ground beef but these hamburger steaks are succulent, juicy and full of flavor, especially when served with brown gravy. Continue reading

Port Wine and Mushroom Gravy Recipe

This delicious brown sauce is similar to bordelaise sauce but much quicker to make. It is nearly fat free and goes well with pork, venison, beef, or lamb. This recipe makes one cup of port wine and mushroom gravy. Serve quarter of a cup of it to each person. You can use any sweet red wine if you do not have any port wine. Also, you can use another kind of mushrooms if you do not have shiitake mushrooms.

If you are using dried shiitake mushrooms, you will need to soak them for forty five minutes, or however long it tells you on the packaging. It is best to use fresh mushrooms, if you can, for a fresher flavored mushroom gravy recipe.

Whether you serve this tasty port wine gravy over beef, venison, mashed potatoes or something else, you will love its rich, meaty flavor and the way the strong ingredients like mustard, shallots, vinegar, port wine and Worcestershire sauce all blend together well and none of the flavors overpowers the others. This strong-flavored mushroom gravy recipe is mouthwatering with any type of red meat. It is too rich to go well with chicken, veal, or fish but it is the perfect choice if you are serving something with a strong, meaty flavor. Continue reading

Spiced Au Jus Gravy Recipe

Au jus is another way to say gravy. This phrase refers to the natural juices or pan drippings that come from meat. Au jus is French for “with juice” although, in American cooking, the term often refers to a light sauce rather than a gravy. Veal, lamb, beef, and chicken recipes can be made “au jus” and if you want to make your own au jus gravy, just cook some meat and skim the fat off the top of the juices that the meat produces. You can freeze au jus gravy for six months or more but bear in mind it will lose some of its flavor during this time.

In American au jus gravy recipes, salt, pepper, Worcestershire sauce, garlic, sugar, onion or other ingredients might be added to the meat juices to make them more like a sauce or a gravy than the classic French au just gravy. You can combine the “jus” from cooked meat with another liquid, such as white wine, to make “white wine jus.” You can get readymade au jus gravy sachets and you need to dissolve these powders in water. Of course, homemade gravy recipes are far superior to anything, which comes in a sachet or box, so it is always best to make your own au just gravy if possible.

In the following beef in au jus gravy recipe, the meat is rubbed with garlic, cayenne pepper, celery salt, chili powder and more, and then cooked slowly with a little water. The resulting liquid is a combination of the meat juices, the water, and all the spices and you just need to skim the fat off the top before serving this au jus gravy over the meat. Continue reading

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