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Biscuit Recipes

How to Make Bread Machine Biscuits

If bread machine biscuits sound easy to you, you are right in one way but not in another. The point of a bread machine is that it is supposed to be a timesaving device. If you want to make bread or dinner rolls in there, you simply add the ingredients in the right order and the machine will mix and knead the dough for you. Some bread machines can also bake the bread but biscuits need to be baked in the oven. Also, when you make biscuits, you barely have to do any mixing. Over-mixing the dough can lead to the gluten toughening up which will give you tough biscuits. This is essential to know if you want to make melt-in-the-mouth biscuits.

To make the following biscuits recipe you need to add the dry ingredients to the bread machine, then the wet ones and let it run on a dough cycle. So, all in all, it does not save a lot of time using a bread machine instead of combining the ingredients by hand, so you will not really be gaining precious minutes.

Saying that, if you have a bread machine and you want to use it, why not try this bread machine recipe for biscuits, for convenience sake, and see if you like the results? If you like a whole wheat flavor, you can use three cups of bread flour and half a cup of wheat flour instead of using just bread flour. The change in flavor is slight but some people prefer it. Continue reading

Kentucky Style Biscuit Recipe

This easy recipe shows you how to make Kentucky style buttermilk biscuits which look and taste just like the ones in Kentucky style cooking. They are soft and fluffy with a crisp top. A little sugar gives the biscuits a sweet touch and the cream of tartar makes them rise better. These light, mouthwatering biscuits have a well rounded taste and they are perfect for anyone to make, even cooking novices. Biscuits are one of the best recipes for aspiring cooks to begin with. Cakes are more complicated because you have all the problems associated with them being too heavy, not rising evenly, not rising at all, or other cake-related issues.

Bread can also be problematic because you have to knead it the right amount and right way and let it rise. Bread does not always come out the way you expect. You do not get problems like these with biscuits because you simply combine the ingredients, cut the biscuits out of the dough, and bake them. Home-baked biscuits are just as impressive and delicious as cakes or bread but they are far simpler to make and less likely to go wrong. The following recipe has only six ingredients and you mix the dry ingredients and then add the wet ones. Roll the dough out cut your biscuits using a cookie cutter. Obviously if you use a smaller cookie cutter you will get more biscuits.

This recipe for Kentucky style biscuits is fantastic with a homemade gravy recipe and you might like to make sausage gravy to go over these. With its creamy finish and chunks of sausage, this kind of gravy would make a wonderful topping for these Kentucky style buttermilk biscuits and would also be a hearty and totally satisfying breakfast for the family. Alternatively, you could make a bacon gravy recipe if you prefer the flavor of bacon or if you have some to use up. Why not serve this Kentucky style biscuit recipe and homemade gravy with some fresh fruit on the side, for a complete breakfast, which will fill even the hungriest tummy? You will find that the kids will enjoy this recipe for Kentucky style biscuits just as much as the adults and they will be extra impressed with your cooking capabilities if they have already tasted the real thing in Kentucky, because this recipe is an exact replica. Continue reading

Skillet Biscuits with Buttermilk

Skillet biscuits are an interesting alternative to baked biscuits and they are handy if you do not have an oven or if you have something else in the oven on a different temperature. These skillet biscuits will be denser than baked biscuits so do not wait for them to get puffy and rise because they will not. Cover the skillet and the steam inside will make them rise a bit. If you prefer the texture of baked biscuits or if you want to follow this recipe but bake the biscuits, and then bake them at 450 degrees F for ten to twelve minutes.

This easy recipe makes eight delicious biscuits and you can either cut the dough into wedges and cook them or cut shapes using a cookie cutter. It is up to you and just depends on what shape you like. Serve these biscuits split in half with a pat of butter or with some tasty homemade gravy poured over the top. Biscuits go nicely alongside various meals and they also make a great breakfast for the family.

You can make these over a campfire and they are great with eggs and bacon for a satisfying and tasty breakfast. You can add a little onion or garlic powder to the recipe if you want to. Chocolate gravy, molasses, and honey are other serving ideas and most homemade biscuit recipes are great in that they go with savory or sweet toppings so you can decide on the topping according to your mood. Continue reading

Wonderful Whole Wheat Biscuit Recipe

A century ago there was no such thing as Bisquick and people always made their biscuits from scratch. Sifting, mixing, rolling, cutting, and baking was not a time-consuming process and it was just part of daily life. Of course, things changed a bit in the 1930s when ready-to-bake biscuit mixes started to appear because this was thought to save time.

However, like with most recipes, biscuits are just nicer if you make them from scratch. Biscuit mixes contain preservatives, colorants, and other unwanted additives and if you compare the price of a boxed mix to the price of fresh ingredients like flour and butter, it is more economical to make your own biscuits. They will taste a lot better as well.

Good biscuits are crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside and the following recipe makes wonderful whole wheat biscuits, which only take twenty or thirty minutes to make including baking time. They are beautiful served hot from the oven, especially with a country gravy recipe poured generously over the top. These biscuits go well with various meals and the whole family will enjoy them. To give them a nice layered texture, you need to roll out the dough and fold it a few times before cutting out the biscuits. Continue reading

A Simply Yummy Egg Biscuit Recipe

These egg biscuits are a bit denser and heavier than some other biscuit recipes and they have a richer flavor too. The egg yolk gives these biscuits a yellow color and a nice egg flavor. Kneading the dough for five minutes also mixes the ingredients well and, although over-kneading is not recommended for most homemade biscuit recipes, in this recipe it works well to give the biscuits a heavier consistency, which is in line with the richer flavor.

You can serve these with a beef or sausage stew or casserole or what about making some homemade sausage gravy to go over them? Sausage gravy is a combination of sausage grease, flour, milk, seasoning, and you can either serve it with pieces of sausage or without, depending on whether you prefer smooth gravy recipes or ones with texture. Bacon gravy is another idea and you can choose whether to include the finely chopped pieces of crispy bacon in the gravy itself or whether to just use the bacon grease to flavor the gravy.

This would be great for breakfast, especially on a lazy Saturday when the whole family is home and you want to make something special. Serving the biscuits hot from the oven with a pat of butter is another nice serving idea and, if you are making this for breakfast, you can serve some fresh fruit on the side. If you have never made biscuits before do not worry because these are so easy. You just need to combine the ingredients and knead the dough a bit. Your family cannot fail to be impressed with your efforts and these egg biscuits taste amazing. You can even sprinkle a little grated cheese over the top before baking them for an added flavor. Continue reading

Sensational Biscuits with Sharp Cheddar

Biscuit recipes vary the world over and the word actually means different things in different countries. For example, in England a biscuit is a hard cookie. In the United States, a biscuit is a baked piece of dough, which is served with meals or with homemade gravy recipes. A lot of biscuit recipes do not use yeast; they call for baking soda or baking powder instead. This is why they are nicknamed “quick bread” recipes because you do not have to wait for biscuits to rise like you do with some breads.

Biscuits are hearty and satisfying, which is why they were popular with cowboys, travelers and others in early American history. They are also fast and simple to prepare, so you can enjoy them alongside your breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or as a snack. You can add any herbs, seasonings, or cheeses to your biscuit recipes to make them more interesting. Using buttermilk instead of milk adds a tanginess to the flavor and adding some cheddar and chives gives them a special taste.

You do not need a boxed biscuit mix to make biscuits because they are easy to make from scratch and feature few ingredients anyway. It is just as easy learning how to make biscuits from scratch, as it is to open a box. Also, you will not get all the additives and preservatives that way. If you do not have time to roll out the dough and cut the biscuits, just add a bit more liquid and make drop biscuits instead. Drop the dough in big spoonfuls on the baking sheet and bake them. They will look more rustic because of their uneven shape but taste just as good as round biscuits. Continue reading

Easy 2 Ingredient Bisquick Biscuits Recipe

These flavorful biscuits are made with just two ingredients. If you are looking for the easiest biscuit recipe, you will like this one. For added richness you can add quarter of a teaspoon of baking soda and a third of a cup of butter to the recipe, but make sure the butter is cold and only combine it until the powder is moist, no more. You can use a knife to cut squares if you do not have a cookie cutter. A little flour on the knife stops it from sticking. An upturned drinking glass makes a good cookie cutter if that is all you have. You can also use the drinking glass instead of a rolling pin if you do not have one of those.

To give your biscuits a crunchy, uneven top, and a rustic appearance, forget about the kneading and rolling and instead drop biscuit-sized spoonfuls on the baking sheet. This makes a drop biscuit recipe. Make sure there is at least an inch of space between the biscuits because they will be able to heat more evenly and this gives a better result. Use a spatula to get the cooked biscuits off the baking sheet so they do not stick or bread. Let leftover biscuits cool down, and then keep them in an airtight container or bag at room temperature.

You can adapt this recipe if you want to make a slightly different recipe. For cheese and garlic biscuits, add half a cup of shredded cheddar cheese to the biscuit mixture before kneading the dough. Melt a couple of tablespoons of butter and stir in a pinch of garlic powder. Brush this over the hot biscuits. This variation is good but the simple, two ingredient biscuit recipe is nice just as it is. If you want more flavor, serve these biscuits with one of our tasty homemade gravy recipes, like bacon gravy or sausage gravy. You might even want to make a cheese gravy recipe to serve with these Bisquick biscuits. Continue reading

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