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Chicken Gravy

Aromatic Tomato Gravy with Chicken

There are different ways to make a tomato gravy recipe but the following tomato gravy is especially rich and flavorful. It is delicious with chicken, veal or any light-tasting meat. In this tomato gravy recipe, the chicken is cooked first and then poached in the gravy to soak up the delicious flavors. This tomato gravy recipe is made with exotic ingredients like star anise, ginger, turmeric, coconut milk and more, for an aromatic flavor. This Asian-style chicken in tomato gravy makes a really nice dinner and you can serve it with rice or noodles.

Other tomato gravy recipes are more westernized and combine tomatoes with flour and milk or water. Such a gravy would be good on mashed potatoes or green beans. It can also be served on toast, bread, or biscuits. Fresh tomatoes need to simmer for about twelve minutes to soften them but canned ones can just be added and warmed up.

Some people claim that tomato gravy is not a gravy at all but a sauce, since it is not made from meat juices, but that is open to debate. Technically a vegetarian gravy is not made from meat juices either but it is still a gravy. Continue reading

Smothered Fried Chicken and Gravy with Apple Cider

This recipe is so easy and you only need six ingredients. There are lots of different side dishes for fried chicken and, whether you are serving mashed potatoes, fries or rice with it, a chicken gravy will be really good with both the chicken and your preferred side dish. The following apple gravy recipe is made with butter, flour, cream, chicken stock and cider. You can use alcoholic or non-alcoholic cider, depending what you have in the house. The preparation of this gravy is really easy and you just have to whisk the ingredients together for a couple of minutes.

Fried chicken is the quintessential comfort food dish. Whenever you feel under the weather, there is nothing quite like fried chicken to cheer you up. Even better than fried chicken though is fried chicken with a homemade gravy recipe, which is where the following recipe comes in useful.

Serve it with mashed potatoes to maximize the comfort food factor. Everybody loves fried chicken with gravy and mashed potatoes, from young kids right up to grandparents, making it one of the most popular and best loved meals of all time. It is also very easy to make and you can make the complete meal in less than half an hour. Continue reading

Roast Chicken with Parsley and Mushroom Gravy

This tasty chicken is first cooked in a skillet to make it golden brown and then it is finished off in the oven. The chicken is flavored with thyme and garlic and the juices from the chicken will also contain these flavors, meaning the chicken gravy you make with the drippings is going to have a subtle garlic and thyme taste as well. You make the gravy in the pan the chicken cooked in, so you will get every last bit of the juices.

Be careful with the skillet handle as it will be very hot from the oven. If you do not have an ovenproof skillet you could sauté the chicken in a roasting pan, which is fine for stovetop use as well, or you could start the recipe in a skillet and then transfer the chicken to a roasting tin, making sure you get all the juices too.

There are a few ingredients in the following roast chicken and chicken gravy recipe, which are optional. Omit the mushrooms if you want. Also, the Half & Half is more for presentation than anything so if you do not have any, do not worry about it. If you do not want to use the parsley, you can forget that too. The chicken gravy will be tasty enough with the thyme and garlic in it and, of course, the richly flavored chicken juices. Continue reading

Spiced Chicken with Sour Cream Gravy

The chicken in the following recipe is sautéed and then cooked in a wonderful creamy gravy. This is a really easy dish to make because you just need to coat the chicken, cook it, and then simmer the chicken in the gravy. The gravy creates itself when you add the sour cream to the skillet. This is a simple dish and also a budget dish but do not be fooled by that because the end flavor is impressive.

The paprika, green onions, sour cream, different types of pepper, and other ingredients all go nicely together to create this chicken in gravy recipe and you can serve it with colorful vegetables and mashed potatoes or with fries or rice. This is a great dinner for a busy weeknight because it only takes about twenty minutes to prepare, from start to finish, if you cook the side dishes simultaneously.

Chicken is really versatile and you can actually serve a spicy, full-flavored gravy with it if you want to. If you prefer something mild and creamy though, the following recipe is ideal and everyone in the family is sure to enjoy this tasty, satisfying dish because the flavors are well balanced and you can just imagine how heavenly it smells whilst cooking.

Continue reading

Stuffed Chicken with an Easy Homemade Chicken Gravy Recipe

This recipe is a great example of how to transform some plain ingredients like boneless chicken breasts, cheese, and garlic, into a sophisticated gourmet dish. The chicken breasts are stuffed with an herb, nut, and cheese mixture and baked until the juices run clear, and then the drippings created by the chicken are combined with stock and milk to make a tasty gravy. If you like stuffed chicken recipes you will certainly love this one.

Serve this pistachio stuffed chicken with mashed potatoes or rice and perhaps a salad too. The flavors are amazing and the gravy brings out the flavor of the stuffed chicken even more. This is a budget dish but it does not taste like one. The chicken gravy is very easy to make and, as usual, you can use more cornstarch if you want it extra thick or use less to make it less thick.

Use good quality ingredients for this stuffed chicken recipe, such as extra virgin olive oil, good quality parmesan cheese, and fresh basil. These ingredients are not expensive and you will taste the difference in the finished dish for sure. Continue reading

The Best Kentucky Style Gravy Recipe

Fans of Kentucky style chicken do not just go there because they enjoy the chicken. There are other things, which are equally tempting, and one of those has to be the Kentucky style gravy recipe. It might surprise you to learn that Franco American beef gravy is an ingredient in the chicken gravy recipe in this Kentucky style chicken gravy1, but chicken bouillon cubes are also used to flavor this recipe and give it a chicken taste.

Salt, sage, shortening, two types of flour and more feature in this recipe so you would be unlikely to guess how to make it without a good copycat KFC gravy recipe to follow and fortunately, we have that for you.

If you enjoy eating comfort food occasionally, and most of us do, the Kentucky style mashed potatoes and gravy recipe are dishes that would definitely pass as comfort foods. The flavor of these foods is not like another dish and it would be very difficult to replicate the secret recipes Kentucky style gravy without a recipe to assist you. So why not make this for your family? They are sure to be delighted and impressed at your ability to make a Kentucky style gravy recipe. Serve some fried chicken and mashed potatoes with it and they will be in gravy heaven.

Continue reading

Juicy Roast Chicken in Spiced Garlic Gravy

This is quite an unusual dish. There might not be anything unusual about traditional roast chicken and chicken gravy but this takes the classic recipe to the next level, adding garlic and spices and giving the dish a unique taste. You can reduce the amount of chili if you are worried the chicken will be too fiery but if you do like a bit of fire with your chicken recipes, this one is sure to suit any chili fans out there.

Since you just need to roast the chicken and simmer the gravy, this is one of the most easy gravy recipes you can make. All you will need is a bird, a few ingredients which you might already have in the cupboards and a couple more which you can easily get hold of.

You can serve with tasty chili chicken recipe with mashed potatoes or rice. The gravy is quite thin, so it will soak into potatoes or rice really nicely. You might also want to serve some vegetables on the side or a salad. A crisp salad would be nice actually, because the cool flavor would contrast well with the spicy chicken and gravy recipe. Continue reading

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