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Gravy Recipes

Sausage and Caramelized Onions in Gravy with Mashed Potatoes

A few notes before you get into the recipe the sausage although I call out for sweet Italian sausage feel free to substitute whatever sausage you like best including hot Italian it is a personal preference I just needed something to fill the ingredient and I am in no way telling you to eat this and only this eat what you like this recipe works well with almost any kind of sausage you like. The same goes for the onions although I use red feel free to use yellow or even sweet onions if you prefer.

When grilling the sausage it is best to use an indirect heat so you don’t char the sausage and leave the middle under cooked you could also start them on the grill and then just pop them in the oven to finish the cooking process if the grill is giving you to many flare up issues just start them there so they get that smoky flavor your after and then a quick stay in the oven to finish cooking them don’t want any raw meat issues here.

When we don’t have the grill available we often cook them in the oven for connivance sake it does a nice job just check them often so you don incinerate them. Now the potatoes I give you a fairly simple recipe and the cream amount is an approximation as everyone has a different idea as to how firm mashed potatoes should be. Some like them super stiff while others almost like water it is up to you once again some things in cooking need to be adjusted for personal likes and dislikes so I can’t give you an exact that is perfect for you. Just don’t add all the cream at once as it is hard to take it out but easy to put a bit more in. Continue reading

Best Country Gravy Recipe

There are different recipes for country gravy but this one is the simplest and probably the best. When making country gravy, the key is to keep things simple. Using grease from cooked meat is better than using butter because it will have a meaty flavor. However, you can use butter if you have not got any meat grease. If you are serving this country gravy with homemade biscuits, it does not matter what kind of meat grease you use. Bacon grease, sausage grease, pork grease and beef grease are all good. Perhaps you have some meat grease left over from the previous day. This is fine to use.

If you follow the recipe properly, you probably will not need to sieve the gravy at the end because it is unlikely to contain lumps, but sieving it is quick and easy so you might as well do it, just in case any little lumps have escaped your attention. You can either use salt and pepper to season this gravy or perhaps you want to include some other seasonings, like onion powder, garlic powder or dried herbs. Country gravy is nice when you make it with grease, water, flour, salt and pepper but if you want to add other things to it, go ahead. Also, you might want to add some sausage or bacon, especially if you have cooked those to get the grease. For bacon, you need to fry it until it is crisp but not burnt, and then chop it finely. For sausage, choose bulk sausage. If you use sausage in casings, you will have to remove the casings by hand before you begin. This is possible of course but it takes extra time.

Serving this delicious country gravy recipe with biscuits means you will need to make the two simultaneously. Start the biscuits first and make the gravy while the biscuits are baking, then they should be ready at the same time. If you have to fry meat first, to get the grease, start doing them when you begin to make the biscuits. Both biscuits and country gravy are easy to make so you should not have any problems making them at the same time. Continue reading

Giblet Gravy Recipe with Garlic and Parsley

The giblets of a bird are its heart, liver, neck, and gizzard. These pieces are often cut small. If not, you will need to cut them up yourself. The giblets are usually packaged separately and you might find a plastic bag inside the bird containing the giblets. A lot of people give the giblets to the dog or throw them away but why waste these parts when you can use them to make a delicious giblet gravy recipe? You can get giblets from a chicken, goose, turkey, or duck.

This gravy should come out smooth and delicious. If there are any lumps in the finished gravy, just strain it through a sieve before serving. You will be able to taste all the ingredients, even though the vegetable pieces, bay leaf, garlic, and parsley are strained out.

This is the best way to make stocks and gravies actually, by using fresh ingredients and simmering them for hours so they infuse the stock or gravy with lots of flavor. Since you are only using the vegetables to flavor the gravy rather than to be part of it, you do not need to bother peeling them or making sure the pieces are equal in size. Also, you can use vegetables, which are past their best, since they are going to be removed anyway and are only used to give this giblet gravy recipe its flavor. Continue reading

Caramelized Onion Gravy with Brandy and Thyme

Onion gravy is one of the most popular kinds and this gravy goes with many types of meat, as well as other things like mashed potatoes, vegetables, or poultry. The following recipe for onion gravy uses caramelized onions, which means they are cooked in butter and sugar. Caramelized onions are sweet and sticky and great in homemade gravy recipes. If you have ever made a classic French onion soup recipe you might have made caramelized onions in the past, so you will know how good they taste.

As well as the caramelized onions, this recipe contains garlic, brandy, and thyme, as well as some chicken stock, giving the gravy an aromatic flavor. Using brandy to deglaze the pan gives the gravy a rich flavor. Deglazing means, you cook the brandy over a high heat and scrape the stuck-on bits off the pan with a wooden spoon because these add flavor to the gravy.

You can serve this delicious onion gravy recipe with sausages and mashed potatoes, with country ham, pork, beef or anything else you like. Because the gravy has a slightly sweet flavor, it is especially nice with sausages or any other pork product. Pork is always good with sweet gravies or sauces. This gravy takes about forty minutes to make, unlike some gravy recipes, which are quicker, so start it in plenty of time. Continue reading

Mashed Potato Gravy with Cheese

Most gravies go just as nicely with mashed potatoes as they do with meat or poultry, but if you are looking for a special mashed potato gravy, what about making a cheese gravy recipe? Cheese is not a typical gravy ingredient but a lot of homemade gravy recipes call for milk or cream and, if you like your gravy to be creamy, cheese is a great addition to it because it makes the gravy smooth, creamy and it also gives it a wonderful taste.

Cheese and potatoes go together famously, which is another reason that cheesy mashed potato gravy is a nice idea. The kids will be super impressed with it and so will the grownups.

There are two ways to make cheese gravy, which is great over mushrooms and bacon or with mashed potatoes. The first method is to make up a pint of any type of gravy you like and cut half a pound of cheese into quarter inch slices. Fry the cheese slices over a low heat in a skillet. Stir in the gravy when the cheese melts, simmer for two minutes, and serve. The second method is the following recipe. Continue reading

How to Make Gluten Free Gravy

The following recipe uses gluten free flour instead of regular flour and this is combined with an equal amount of fat. The recipe calls for butter but you can use any kind of fat you want, such as oil or drippings. Just make sure the amounts are equal. This is quite a simple recipe for gluten free gravy, since the only ingredients, apart from the flour and fat, are water, juices, salt and pepper.

The juices can be anything; you might want to use the liquid from boiled vegetables, some meat or vegetable stock or broth or just a ladleful of the juices from the crockpot, if you have been cooking meat or poultry in there. If you are roasting a turkey in a roasting pan, use the turkey juices. The flavor of the juices or stock will obviously form most of the flavor of the gravy, so choose something tasty or which will go with whatever you plan to serve the gravy with.

Not being able to eat gluten, or cooking for somebody else who is unable to eat it, does not mean you cannot make a delicious meal. Thanks to the existence of gluten free flour, you can make plenty of flavorful dishes, including gluten free gravy, which tastes just as delicious, meaty, and rich as other homemade gravy recipes. Continue reading

Country Ham with a Red Eye Gravy Recipe

Red eye gravy might not sound like an appealingly named dish but it is delicious. It features in recipes from the southern states and it is usually served with country ham. It is also served sometimes with grits, biscuits, or cornbread. Other names for red eye gravy include bottom sop, red ham gravy, poor man’s gravy, and bird-eye gravy. It is made with ham, bacon or pork drippings, and black coffee. If you add flour to these drippings instead, you will get a white gravy. Some people like to dip the inner sides of a biscuit in gravy to stop it from drying out. Then you add country ham between the halves. This is a popular snack in the south. You can also mix ketchup or mustard into the gravy and that is popular in parts of Alabama. Then you would dip biscuits in the gravy before eating them.

In Florida, red eye gravy refers to a tomato gravy recipe and this is made by adding tomatoes and flour to the grease, rather than coffee. It is served with fried fish, usually catfish. Cajun gravy is frequently made with beef instead of ham in Louisiana and black coffee nearly always features in these recipes. Strong chicory coffee is popular. Whichever kind of coffee you use to make a red eye gravy recipe, make sure it is freshly brewed because it will taste nicer. With the Cajun style dish, the gravy goes over meat and rice, making the rice brown. Beans and French bread are the usual accompaniments to this dish.

In Mississippi, red wine is used instead of the coffee. There is a legend that Andrew Jackson, a former president of the United States, requested that his cook make gravy as red as his bloodshot eyes but this might or might not be true. Coffee is called “red eye” in slang. When you mix coffee with meat grease, the coffee sinks because of its water content and the grease floats, so in a round container the coffee will look red and the grease will resemble the surface of an eye. Continue reading

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