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Turkey Gravy

Tantalizing Turkey Gravy

A famous tradition celebrated by Americans every fourth Thursday of November is Thanksgiving. This is an occasion where all the families prepare a feast for everyone to partake in. The traditional foods that are prepared are those that can be thoroughly enjoyed by everybody in the family from the elderly to the little ones. What is that symbolic dish that almost all of the households prepare when celebrating Thanksgiving? Turkey of course!

A true Thanksgiving dinner is never complete without turkey. When you think about turkey, you immediately think about Thanksgiving and vice versa. Both are virtually inseparable! Do you know how turkeys started becoming staples for any Thanksgiving menu? History reveals that the custom began in New England way back in the nineteenth century. It is said that it was a custom for men to aim at a wild turkey running on the loose in the fields. The man who successfully got the turkey would win the bird as a prize. From then on, the turkey became an important symbol and the rest is history.

In order to truly celebrate Thanksgiving, it is always best to prepare and serve a menu that is simple but delicious. As for turkey, you need not think of any fancy way of cooking it. Roasted turkey is the best way to go. In addition, to accompany roasted turkey, what better sauce to prepare than a gorgeous homemade gravy? Keep in mind that the best thing you can do is use the juices from the turkey itself to make sumptuous gravy. What follows is a turkey gravy recipe I am sure you will absolutely love, made with turkey drippings, flour, butter, and black pepper. Continue reading

Traditional Giblet Gravy Recipe

Here is an easy giblet gravy recipe that you can make during the holidays for your family. Making a giblet gravy recipe is the only way to cook giblets. Holiday traditions are all about recipes you can hand down through the generations, so pass this giblet gravy recipe down through your family and they will thank you for it. Such a recipe is just what you need to make the tastiest, thickest and richest gravy to complement the turkey.

Try adding this giblet gravy recipe to your holiday menu this year. It is perfect for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. This is the traditional gravy made with turkey during the holidays. Although typically made during the festive season, it actually goes great with any poultry dish you chose to make. This giblet gravy marries easily with mashed potatoes, stuffing, rice, or even pasta. You can make a pan of this to dip your chicken tenders into – it is wonderful! To make a pot of this giblet gravy all you need is a little vegetable oil, some flour, chopped onion, celery leaves, water, poultry drippings, giblets, salt and pepper.

Follow the simple step by step directions below and in next to no time you will have a delicious pot of giblet gravy just like mom made during the holidays when you were growing up. You can also make a pot ahead, say a week or 2 before the holidays, and freeze it until required. Giblet gravy also goes very well when mixed into casseroles such as chicken and rice or pasta casserole. Furthermore, it tastes great on biscuits. There are so many ways you can use giblet gravy. Try a few of these examples for yourself. Continue reading

Turkey Giblet Gravy Recipe

You can use the turkey giblets, or neck, heart and liver, to make this tasty turkey gravy recipe. If you do not have giblets or you do not want to use them, just use one and a quarter pints of chicken broth in this recipe instead of the giblet mixture. However, if you are cooking a whole turkey, you might as well use the giblets that came with it because they are very tasty and make a really delicious turkey gravy recipe.

There are different ways to make turkey gravy but most recipes call for the juices from the cooked bird and some call for the giblets to be added to, to give the gravy the perfect taste. The following turkey gravy recipe might become your favorite because it is easy to follow but the results are amazing.

You can serve the turkey and gravy with mashed or roast potatoes, as well as seasonal vegetables. The gravy has a really well rounded flavor and the bay leaves, peppercorns, wine, and vegetables work together to give it a delicate, aromatic taste. Turkey is a flavorful meat and it is unique, meaning that using the giblets from the bird is the best way to make a gravy that has a turkey-like taste, yet other flavors in it too. You can use chicken stock if you do not have the giblets though and the resulting gravy will be almost as good. Continue reading

Garlic Roasted Turkey with a Citrus Sage Gravy

This is a very special recipe and if you are looking for a new way to cook turkey for thanksgiving or another occasion you might want to consider this one. The turkey is flavored with cream cheese, garlic, and oranges and it is served with a sage and orange gravy.

If you want to make this dish in two stages, you can prepare the turkey up to the point where you rub oil over it, then cover the pan with plastic wrap and keep it in the refrigerator for up to one day. Turkey is a light-tasting meat and it goes nicely with citrus flavors, which is why the oranges are so great with it. The fresh sage gives the bird a gourmet flavor as well. If your turkey is closer to fourteen pounds than twelve, that is fine, but you will probably need to cook it for a bit longer.

Serve this roast turkey and turkey gravy recipe with roast potatoes, roast vegetables and any kind of stuffing you like. This is a great recipe if you have a lot of people coming over because one good-sized turkey will feed up to ten people if you make it this way. Continue reading

Turkey in a Dark Ale and Rosemary Gravy Recipe

This delicious and unusual recipe combines succulent turkey meat with a turkey and ale gravy. Mushrooms, bell pepper, and other vegetables add color and crunch, as well as lots of flavor, and dark ale, rosemary, and garlic are just some of the other ingredients used to give this dish its wonderful taste. You should check during cooking whether the turkey is browning too fast or whether it is drying out where not submerged in the braising liquid.

If this is the case, give the dish a stir, and then keep cooking it. The turkey needs to cook slowly for three and a half hours so there is a chance that it might dry out in places or get too brown in one area. Just keep an eye on it as it is cooking.

Turkey is not used as often as chicken, perhaps because people just grab chicken in the grocery store without thinking of an alternative. The two kinds of poultry share a similar flavor although turkey is slightly stronger in taste. If you fancy some turkey tonight, this recipe is highly recommended because it is unusual yet all the flavors go together very well and you will definitely love the well rounded taste.

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Gourmet Turkey Gravy with Apple Juice and Thyme

This amazing recipe is perfect if you want to present something super impressive to your dinner guests. Roast turkey is already impressive but serving this sophisticated turkey gravy recipe elevates the dish to a food-lover’s dream. The gravy is made in two stages. First, you are going to make a base using vegetables, garlic, apple juice and the neck of the turkey. Then you use the drippings, wine, and other ingredients to make a second mixture.

Combine these mixtures and whisk in a flour roux to thicken it and you will have the perfect gravy to serve with your roast turkey. Keep the turkey warm while you make this; just cover it with aluminum foil and let it sit somewhere warm. This keeps it juicy and moist.

Roast turkey is a popular dish at special occasions and this is certainly a very special turkey gravy recipe. This recipe makes enough for twelve servings so if you are using reserved turkey fat and just serving it with a turkey breast or piece of turkey, you can halve the recipe to suit your needs.

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