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Vegetable Gravy

A Very Good Vegan Gravy Recipe

If you have vegans or vegetarians coming to dinner and you want to make gravy, do not worry because it is possible to make a delicious vegan gravy recipe without sacrificing any flavor. You can either use vegetable broth or “no-chicken broth” as your base and the other ingredients include poultry seasoning, non-dairy margarine and more. Actually, a lot of recipes can be adapted for vegans by switching the meat broth for vegetarian broth and you can also use non-dairy margarine to make the mashed potatoes.

Of course, if you also have carnivores coming to dinner, you might want to make regular gravy too. In that case, it might be best to prepare the vegan gravy recipe first and keep it warm in a crockpot until you are ready to serve dinner. You can make it the day before, if that is helpful, and reheat it in the crockpot the following day. The gravy will not lose quality by being made in advance. It will not take on a new depth of flavor either so just make it in advance if that is going to save you time and if you have space in the refrigerator to store it.

The following vegan gravy recipe tastes just like chicken gravy so if you want to serve that instead of a traditional chicken gravy recipe, most of the meat-eaters at the table will not even be able to tell the difference. The paprika and onion powder are optional ingredients but worth adding for more depth of flavor. Smoked paprika is the best kind to use in this. Garlic powder would also be tasty in this vegan gravy recipe. If you want to add any of these optional ingredients, just add a little at a time, tasting as you go. Continue reading

How to Make White Gravy to Serve Over Fries

This is an unusual recipe, especially if you are used to eating your fries with mayonnaise or ketchup. Nevertheless, if you fancy a change, just try this white gravy recipe because it is spectacular with the fries, and makes a change from the condiments you usually go for. American creamy white gravy is also nice with homemade biscuits or mashed potato. This recipe is also similar to a breakfast gravy recipe and it is straightforward to make, even for cooking beginners.

The green onions in this recipe add a splash of color and their sharp flavor contrasts well with the sweet, creamy white gravy. Serve this as comfort food, any time you fancy something hot and soothing, or even as a side dish with burgers, chicken or some other kind of meat or poultry. One of the reasons that fries are a comfort food is that you can eat them with your fingers, dipping them into a sauce (or, in this case, a homemade gravy recipe) and eating them like that. Another reason is that they taste wonderful.

There is no way your kids are going to be anything less than delighted with this great recipe, although you might want to leave off the green onion if you are making this for younger kids who are suspicious about anything that resembles a vegetable (don’t tell them the fries are made from vegetables!) Continue reading

Vegetarian White Gravy for Vegetables

This recipe is so simple and you only need milk, cornstarch, butter, salt and pepper to make it. You can make this gravy in a couple of minutes. There are different ways to make vegetarian gravy and if you are looking for something less creamy, you might want to follow another gravy recipe, substituting the meat stock for vegetable stock and the meat juices for butter or, in the case of vegans, non-dairy margarine.

You can serve the following creamy vegetarian gravy recipe with any vegetables you like. Onions, carrots, mushrooms, broccoli, asparagus, and celery are just some examples of vegetables that would suit this recipe but actually the sky is the limit and you can use anything. This white vegetarian gravy is also nice served over mashed potatoes or a baked potato and you can serve it with chicken or veal as well. If you want to make it more interesting, you can add some paprika, garlic powder, capers, or chili powder to it.

There is another kind of white gravy, which is the kind made with sausage. This is commonly served over biscuits and has a different flavor and consistency from this one, since sausage is the main ingredient. This vegetarian gravy is creamy whereas the other kind is both creamy and meaty. Continue reading

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