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Herb Butter Recipe

Herb Seasoned Butter for Broccoli

This seasoned garlic and herb butter sauce goes beautifully with fresh broccoli. This makes a wonderful side dish to so many meat or fish recipes and you can also serve this to vegetarians. A hint of red pepper flakes gives a gentle amount of spice to this seasoned butter for broccoli recipe and allows the other flavors to shine through as well. Seasoned butter is easy to make and everybody will love it. For the best recipes, use fresh herbs and a good quality butter – this applies to any garlic herb butter recipes or butter sauce recipes. Never use margarine to make herb butter because it will not taste anything like as good.

This seasoned butter is served with hot broccoli and it acts more like a butter sauce than an herb butter, in that it coats the broccoli and adds lots of flavor to it. An herb butter is like a sauce actually, because it coats the food, keeping it moist and giving it flavor. If you like a lot of seasoned butter for broccoli, you can double the recipe. Either chill the seasoned butter and serve it in disks with the broccoli or combine the seasoned butter with the hot broccoli and toss them together. It will taste the same; it is just a question of presentation.

This herb butter and garlic sauce gives your broccoli the royal treatment. You can leave out the red pepper if you do not want the hint of spiciness. Also, if you are using salted butter you should taste it before adding any salt. You might need to use much less. It is also a good idea to add the salt slowly if you are using unsalted butter since it is easier to add a little more if necessary than to remove an excess of it! Continue reading

Mouthwatering Marjoram Herb Butter

Herb butter is made by combining softened butter with various herbs. Basil, thyme, rosemary, and parsley are used in a lot of herb butter recipes, although sage, tarragon, marjoram, and oregano can also be used. Actually, you can use pretty much any herb. Herb butter can be rolled up into a sausage shape in a piece of plastic wrap and it can also be piped into rosette shapes. Herb butter freezes well and you can serve it with meat, fish or vegetables.

You can also add it to sauce recipes. Be creative when making herb butter, even if you are new to making recipes like this, because it is difficult to get it wrong. Most herbs go together nicely and if you are making a basic grilled fresh vegetables recipe, for example, you can let pretty much any type of herb butter melt over the veggies and it will give them a beautiful taste.

The following recipe makes a delicious marjoram butter, which is wonderful with grilled vegetable recipes. Marjoram is in the mint family and it is also known as wintersweet or “joy of the mountains” in some areas. This herb grows wild in the Mediterranean area and ninety percent of the world’s supply comes from Egypt. The leaves, flowers, and seeds of the marjoram plant can be used to make medicines and body care products, as well as to flavor recipes. Continue reading

Aromatic Recipe Cilantro Lime Butter

This cilantro infused herb butter is delicious on grilled bell peppers and many other grilled vegetable recipes. Serve it with red, orange, yellow, or green bell peppers to give them an exotic flavor. You can swap the green onion for half a clove of minced garlic if you prefer. This fine herb butter recipe is great with any kind of vegetable dish but because of the cilantro it is especially good with Mexican or Thai style vegetables or actually anything oriental. If you are marinating meat or fish in a Mexican or eastern style marinade and serving it with a grilled vegetable side dish, this herb butter would be ideal to serve with the vegetables.

You can either shape the herb butter into a log and cut off disk shapes to melt over your grilled vegetables or you can use a piping bag to pipe rosette shapes. It is up to you, which you prefer. If you have never used a piping bag before you might just want to make a log shape in the plastic wrap because it will be faster and simpler than piping rosettes. If you add the herb butter to the grilled vegetables before serving them it will start to melt immediately anyway.

Cilantro is just one of the many herbs you can use and you might like to try out a few different herb butter recipes before you find one you especially like. Different herb butters go with different dishes but you will find that pretty much any variety of herbs you use to make it are suitable for serving with most grilled vegetables recipes. Butter adds moisture to a grilled vegetable recipe and the herbs add a freshness and an aromatic flavor. Cilantro goes with most vegetables and the flavor is especially good with delicately flavored vegetables because cilantro itself is quite aromatic as opposed to being strong or overpowering. Continue reading

Bear’s Garlic Herb Butter

You do not have to use bear’s garlic for this garlic herb recipe if you cannot find it. Regular garlic will be fine too, although they look different. Bear’s garlic, which is green and leafy, is called that because European brown bears love to eat it. Bear’s garlic is a relative of the chive and it features in plenty of Central European recipes. Bear’s garlic grows in wooded areas and swampy fields, in slightly acidic soil. It can be used in steamed dishes or salad recipes or used to flavor herb butter like the one in the following recipe. Garlic is a great ingredient for herb butter, whether you use bear’s garlic or regular garlic, because its flavor goes well with the butter and any herbs you use.

Garlic herb butter is also brilliant with any vegetables and if you are making a grilled vegetables recipe and wondering about a marinade or sauce, why not make herb butter instead? You can make it in advance and also make extra because it freezes well. Herb butter will moisten your grilled veggies and give them a fantastic flavor at the same time and you can use any herbs you like. Chives and parsley are used in the following recipe, to complement the garlic.

It is easier to make garlic herb butter if you bring the butter to room temperature before you begin. Very cold butter is difficult to spread on bread without tearing the bread (we’ve all done that!) and pretty much impossible to mash with herbs unless it is soft. If it is still too hard, you can melt it for a few seconds in the microwave but only melt it until it is soft, not until it is liquid. Continue reading

Basic Lemon Herb Butter

This herb butter will keep for a week in the refrigerator or a month in the freezer. The rosettes look really good, especially as they melt over your delicious grilled vegetables recipe. If you prefer disk shapes, shape the butter into a one-inch wide log and wrap it in plastic wrap. Then you can just slice off disks as you need them. If you are using frozen herb butter, let it warm up a bit before using it. You can also scoop balls of the herb butter using a melon baller and then chill the balls on the wax paper or parchment paper.

Herb butter recipes vary a lot and you can choose your own herbs for the following fine herb butter recipe. You can either use one herb, two herbs, or a variety of fresh herbs. It really depends what you will be serving the herb butter with. For meat and fish dishes you probably already have a good idea of which herbs would go. Dill is traditionally used to make herb butter for seafood and you might use rosemary for lamb or parsley for potatoes. With grilled vegetables recipes, you can use any herbs you like if the vegetables are not marinated.

If you are looking for an herb butter for Thai style grilled vegetables, for example, why not replace the lemon juice with limejuice and use cilantro in your herb butter recipe? The aromatic flavor of this herb would complement the Thai taste. The more you make herb butter recipes, the better you will get at combining various herbs for a perfect lemon herb butter flavor. You can serve herb butter with pasta, steamed fish or meat as well as with grilled vegetable recipes. It goes nicely with any dish that benefits from the addition of butter and herbs. You can also spread it over bread or crackers. Herb butter is simple to prepare and you can freeze it. It is great to have some in the freezer to add something special to your last minute grilled vegetables recipes. Continue reading

Thyme and Shallot Herb Butter Recipe

If you like herb butter recipes, this is a nice easy one to try. This herb butter goes beautifully with many easy grilled vegetable recipes and especially corn on the cob. If you have a favorite recipe for outdoor grilled vegetables, you might like to prepare this thyme and shallot herb butter recipe and serve it on top of the hot vegetables.

Thyme is a fragrant herb, which goes well with just about any combination of vegetables, and potatoes, asparagus, and mushroom all suit the flavor very well. You can use either fresh or dried thyme in the following herb butter recipe and dried thyme has a good flavor if fresh thyme is unavailable.

Butter, shallots and thyme are the only ingredients you need to make this, apart from a touch of seasoning, but that is not unusual with herb butter recipes, many of which only require 2 or 3 ingredients. Thyme offers a distinctive taste and you will love how it contrasts with the butter to make something really delicious, the delicate bite of the shallots perking up the overall taste. Making this could not be easier either. Just cook the shallots then mash them with the butter and herbs until the mixture is well combined. Let the herb butter chill and it is ready to add to your favorite dishes. Try it in a baked potato, on top of a pork chop, or even melting over your broccoli or corn on the cob. Continue reading

Fresh Basil Butter Recipe with Lemon

If you are grilling Mediterranean or Italian vegetables or making anything with grilled tomatoes, such as grilled vegetable kabobs, you will find that this basil butter goes very nicely with your recipe for outdoor grilled vegetables. The simple flavors of butter, lemon, basil, and pepper combine to give a delicately flavored herb butter, which will really complement your grilled vegetables.

You can sauté shrimp in this basil butter, use it in mashed potatoes, or serve it melting over your grilled vegetable creations. You can either chill the butter portions or freeze them for future use. It is a good idea to make plenty of basil butter when basil is in season. Always use butter in herb butter recipes. Never substitute margarine or low fat spread because it will not taste anywhere near as good! Unsalted butter or salted butter is fine for this herb butter recipe.

Once you start experimenting with herb butters you are sure to want to try more and more variations, combining different types of herbs, adding spices, trying out lemon or lime zest and/or juice, or making a herb butter specifically for your steak, or created with mashed potatoes in mind, or for broccoli. A good starting point is this basil butter recipe, because it is suitable for all kinds of dishes, and you can make plenty of it because it keeps well. You will find yourself wanting some every time you bake a potato, want to add some to your steak or chicken, or fancy a little extra on your vegetables. Continue reading

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