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Cayenne and Garlic Fried Chicken Marinade

This fried chicken marinade is a great idea for spicing up your dinner and it is easy to make. Chicken will never taste better than when you use this simple marinade for it. A marinade is the best way to flavor your fried chicken and this recipe is fast and easy, and can be used for fried, baked or grilled chicken. Try it for next dinner party and watch as your guest enjoy every piece of chicken and want to know how you made it so juicy and tasty.

Of all the chicken recipes I have found and tried, my family always prefer fried chicken. They love the crispy crust and the moist juiciness of the flesh. Whenever I make fried chicken I usually have to double the recipe. That way they can have the leftover fried chicken for lunch the next day if it lasts that long. I now marinate my chicken pieces before battering and frying because I have found marinating the chicken adds more flavor to the meat and definitely improves the moistness factor. The following piquant marinade is especially good and goes great for either deep-fried or oven-fried chicken.

So how do you make it? Well, the ingredients are few but the flavor is grand. For this marinade you will need chicken pieces of your choice, soy sauce, cayenne pepper, Worcestershire sauce, black pepper, salt, and water. The directions below will help you create this wonderful marinade for your chicken. It will add flavor to the meat without overpowering the natural chicken flavor, and it offers the right blend of spicy, aromatic and savory. Continue reading

Beer and Lemon Marinade for Chicken

This tasty chicken marinade recipe uses beer as one of its main ingredients. Did you know that beer has been used by people in many countries for more than 8000 years? Beer is made from yeast, grain (barley), herbs (hops), and water. Everyone knows beer as an all-time favorite beverage. People love beer that is why this is one of the widest circulated drinks in the world. I would like to guess that because of its popularity most homes have a can or a bottle of beer in their refrigerator. But did you know that this is also a good ingredient in food?

Beer can be added to baked goodies to add a soft texture and can be incorporated in food to add taste. Beer is a very good leavening agent. It is used in baking to give lightness in cakes, doughnuts, and bread. It is also known as one of the world’s most used seasoning agent. Beer adds flavor to marinades for chicken, fish, pork, beef, and seafood. Beer softens the meat in the following recipe and can help create a dark color making the gravy richer in color. Speck is a kind of ham that originated in Italy. This is smoked and is flavored in a combination of spices like garlic, bay leaves, nutmeg, and juniper.

Speck is usually used in pastas, pizzas, and risotto because of its strong flavor. In this recipe speck is cooked with onions and is a good complement to the chicken flavored with beer and spices. This recipe is one good example of how beer can be incorporated in food. With the variety of tastes it gives, no wonder people all over the world have proclaimed beer as one of the excellent ingredient in the kitchen. Beer is a versatile liquid that adds zest to ordinary food. With the many varieties of beer available, one can also experiment on the different kinds of flavors it gives to food. Continue reading

Garlic and Lime Chicken Fajita Marinade

This is a homemade chicken fajita marinade you can grill at home. Make the very best fajitas using this great marinade recipe. Enjoy the magnificent flavor it lends your chicken fajitas, served with your favorite side dishes. Using chicken pieces with skin or boneless skinless chicken, as you prefer, you can make this fajita marinade for all your Mexican or Tex-Mex food parties, and everyone will be impressed with the amazing taste it offers.

Are you the type who likes to marinate the meat you are cooking for your family’s dinner? Do you like infusing the marinade into the meat pieces so that the meat absorbs the rich flavorful spices and is even more tender than normal? In that case, I would like you to try this very rich and tasty marinade. The sweetness of brown sugar mingled with garlic cloves, cumin, Worcestershire sauce, chopped cilantro, olive oil, lime juice, and beer creates a hearty, savory marinade for practically any cut of meat. It is great for chicken, turkey, elk, pork, beef, and venison, to name but a few.

This marinade seems to enhance the flavor of wild game meat and at the same time it completely removes the typical ‘wild game’ flavor many people find distasteful or too strong. When using this marinade for game meat you might want to let the meat soak for an additional 20 minutes or so, but it really is just a matter of choice rather than a necessary step. Either way, or no matter for which meat you use this marinade, your family will love the flavors absorbed by the chicken or meat, and you will love how easy the marinade is to make and use. Continue reading

How to Make and Use a Dry Marinade

The best steak to grill is one which has been tenderized (if necessary) and flavored to perfection. Although steak has a naturally great flavor, adding a little more does not hurt. There are two main types of steak marinades. First you have wet marinades, which always begin with an acidic ingredient to break down any tough fibers. This ingredient can be wine, citrus juice, flavored vinegar, yogurt, mustard, tamari sauce, beer, apple juice, or something else.

A wet marinade might also contain garlic, vegetables, aromatic fruits or other ingredients. It mellows and tenderizes your steak, and gives the meat a more pronounced flavor. If you want to try something different, what about making a dry marinade recipe? A dry marinade can be used when you do not want to tenderize the meat, just add a bit of flavor.

Herbs and spices are popular in dry marinades, as well as a little oil or alcohol. The meat is marinated for an hour or two at most, since a long marinating time is great for tenderizing meat but not beneficial for meat which does not require tenderization. Once you have selected the best steak to grill (we recommend sirloin, filet mignon, T-bone, or New York strip in particular) then you can use the following dry marinade to bring out its incredible flavor to the max. There are fewer flavors in this marinade when compared to some of our other marinades. As well as the paprika you have lemon, pepper, cilantro and a touch of salt, so you can expect the most incredible taste as a result. Continue reading

Rosemary Hanger Steak Marinade Recipe Beer

When making a steak marinade recipe, beer might not be the first ingredient you think of, but it can actually work well in such recipes. Beer will flavor the steak without giving it an overwhelming ‘beer’ flavor. Instead the beer will complement the natural flavor of the steak. The following recipe also features soy sauce, garlic, mustard and rosemary, all of which are bold flavors which will stand up to both the taste of the meat and the beer.

A hanger steak is a delicious cut but it can be rather tough, which is why we recommend leaving the meat in the marinade overnight or better still for a whole day. Do not worry about the steaks going mushy because that will not happen. Instead the rich marinade flavor will permeate right into the steaks, giving them a big flavor and plenty of character.

The marinade is wiped off the meat before you cook it but the rich flavor will have taken hold by then. The steaks in this recipe are pan-fried instead of being grilled, but feel free to grill them instead if you have the grill on. If not, use a ridged grill pan so you will still get grill marks on the meat. That always looks appealing. These ingredients are all easy to find and combine to offer a hearty flavor to your meat, so if you are in the mood for steak and you want to be sure of a delicious result, consider this appealing marinade. Continue reading

Mandarin Marinade and the Best Steaks for Grilling

The best steaks for grilling, according to many home cooks, are sirloin, although rump also does well on the grill. This recipe uses mandarin oranges, although you can use any kind of orange. Just make sure you look out for the pips. It is a good idea to salt the steaks before adding the marinade, both for seasoning the meat and to help with the tenderizing. Rinse this off before you marinate the meat.

If there is no griddle on your grill then use an ovenproof baking sheet for any vegetables you want to cook alongside the steak, such as tomatoes, onions or mushrooms. These are optional of course, but they are lovely with the steaks and being able to grill them means you can watch everything at the same time. Although this recipe is designed for the grill, you could broil the meat if you prefer.

When you grate the ginger to make the mandarin orange marinade you will be left with a mushy piece from the end. Just throw this into the marinade because you cannot grate that part. It adds just as much flavor added whole. Serve the finished steak with fries or potato salad. It is also great with a salad if you do not want to grill veggies. Learning new marinade recipes for steak is always worthwhile because you can change some of the ingredients and come up with something totally new, to add flavor to your steak. The following recipe is especially delicious thanks to its eclectic combination of flavors. Continue reading

Venison Steak Marinade Red Wine Vinegar

If you have some venison tenderloin, this marinade is sure to bring out its natural flavor without masking any of the gamey taste. When marinating deer, it is important that you know a few details about the meat, such as where the deer came from and what it was eating. Although you can buy venison in the grocery store, or at least in some grocery stores, some people prefer to hunt their own, which is why you need to know more about the particular animal you are using.

Deer which are harvested in the North will have a stronger flavor than deer in the South which are fed on foodstuffs such as soybeans and corn. Bucks shot during the rut will be tough and very strong-tasting. The amount of time you leave the marinade on the venison depends on the deer’s age and how tough or tender the meat is. The tougher or older the meat, the longer you should marinate it. Once the meat has been marinated you can either grill or roast it. Boil up the marinade to make a wonderful sauce to serve with the deer.

In this steak marinade, red wine vinegar, red wine, garlic and four types of herbs are combined for a rich flavor, which really complements the venison taste. Plan to marinate your venison well in advance, since you might have to leave the marinade on for more than a day. Serve the finished meat with roasted or baked potatoes and your favorite vegetables. Continue reading

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