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Baked Chicken Marinade

One of the Best Mexican Style Marinades for Chicken

This flavorful chicken marinade contains parsley, lime, onion, chili, jalapeno and more, for a full-on spicy flavor. This is no chicken marinade for wallflowers; this is something which screams flavor! Do you want your chicken to be super-tasty? Then pick this Mexican style marinade recipe and prepare your chicken for stardom. Your family is going to love the incredible taste this marinade offers, and it is likely you will want to make this one again and again.

If you are keen on Mexican flavors this is perfect because it is spicy but also herby, tangy and aromatic – everything that is great about those south of the border flavors. Swap the parsley for basil or cilantro if you want, because either of those ingredients would work nicely here. Parsley complements the other flavors in the marinade but cilantro offers that typical Mexican taste.

You can either use a food processor or a blender to mix the ingredients, like with many other marinades for chicken. If you are using a blender, add everything except one cup of the yogurt and process. Then transfer the mixture to a bowl and stir in the rest of the yogurt for a nice taste and a good consistency. Continue reading

Baked Chicken Marinade with Pineapple

This baked chicken marinade recipe contains pineapple juice and ranch dressing mix, amongst other ingredients, for a fruity and creamy flavor. Sometimes it is nice to use contrasting ingredients in a baked chicken marinade and the sweetness of the pineapple in this one contrasts well with the creamy, buttermilk-type flavor of the ranch dressing mix. The seasoned salt is also good. Use chicken thighs, drumsticks, breast halves, or a combination.

If you do not have ranch dressing mix, simply make your own by combining a teaspoon each of garlic powder, onion powder and dried dill with 2 tablespoons of dried parsley, and ½ teaspoon each of black pepper and dried basil. Keep this mixture in an airtight container until required, then either add it to this chicken marinade recipe or whisk a tablespoon of it with ? cup mayonnaise and ¼ cup milk to make creamy ranch dressing, adding salt to taste.

This recipe shows you how to use the marinade as a sauce after you have used it to soak the chicken. The chicken is marinated and then par-baked. At this point you can pour some of the sauce over the chicken and keep baking it until it is done, giving it a more intense flavor. Serve this baked chicken marinade with mashed potatoes or rice, as well as one or two seasonal fresh vegetables. Continue reading

Honey and Rosemary Marinade for Chicken Balsamic

The garlic and rosemary flavors work really well in this marinade for chicken balsamic and brushing the cooked drumsticks with reduced marinade infuses them with extra flavor and keeps them moist, which helps the seeds and parsley to stick. Balsamic vinegar, brown sugar and honey are sweet ingredients which caramelize on the chicken as it cooks, making it really sweet and sticky.

The chicken should become caramelized all over and dark brown in patches, so it offers not only the very best look but the best flavor too, and is also safe to consume. The herbs and garlic are nice in the recipe and sprinkling parsley and using sesame seeds over the finished chicken is also a nice touch. Serve this dish with noodles or rice.

Although many recipes will tell you to discard the marinade once it has been used, this one can be boiled up to make a delicious sauce for your chicken. The boiling is essential, because the chicken might have contaminated the marinade when it was raw, and boiling will make it safe to eat. This recipe is so easy to make and it offers exciting Asian flavors and a lovely sticky, sweet finish on the chicken. Continue reading

Lime Garlic Chicken Marinade with Honey

You can use this tasty lime garlic chicken marinade to give your chicken a great moist texture and an amazing taste. Use chicken breasts or any other parts of the chicken. Chicken legs would also suit this recipe, so just pick out your favorite part of the bird or see if you can find a package of chicken breasts, thighs or assorted pieces on sale.

Grill or broil the chicken, as you prefer. This depends whether it is grilling weather or not. Broiling also gives satisfactory results. Because the chicken needs to be marinated for at least three hours you will need to plan ahead. Double or triple the recipe if you are feeding a crowd, or leave it as it is to serve four people.

You can serve the chicken with mashed potatoes, rice or plain pasta if you want, as well as a small green salad or some vegetables. The aromatic thyme and rosemary combine nicely with the tangy lime, sweet honey and other ingredients, to result in a full-flavored chicken dish. This lime garlic chicken marinade is really popular. Use freshly squeezed lime juice for the best results or bottled juice if you cannot get fresh limes for whatever reason. Continue reading

Best Honey Marinade Chicken Recipe

Using this best honey marinade, chicken will take on a wonderful flavor. In addition to the honey, the recipe calls for orange and lemon juices, paprika, and curry powder for a well-rounded taste. The tang from the citrus and the spice from the curry powder and paprika balance out the sweetness of the honey, giving the chicken a truly mouthwatering flavor.

Although these ingredients seem to clash they really do work together. Sometimes you can combine ingredients which seem like polar opposites and end up with a mixture that tastes great, just because it does have a complex flavor. Leave your chicken in the marinade for a while and the flavors will penetrate right into the meat, giving it such a great taste.

You can soak the chicken in the marinade overnight if you wish (or for at least a few hours) to really boost the flavor. This is the best honey marinade chicken recipe to use if you prefer the gentle sweetness of honey to using sugar. Serve this with rice, potatoes, or even plain pasta, for a hearty lunch or an appetizing dinner. You can use mild or hot curry powder, as you prefer, depending how hot or mild you want the finished dish. Continue reading

Citrus Chicken Marinade with Garlic and Ginger

This citrus chicken marinade recipe features two kinds of citrus, sage, ginger, soy sauce, and garlic. You can also add a little salt or hot sauce for flavor if you want. You will need two lemons to get half a cup of lemon juice but only one orange to get half a cup of orange juice. Fresh juices are better for chicken marinades than canned or bottled ones, but if you are really stuck then you can use one of those instead. The chicken will still taste good.

This is a very tasty marinade. Perhaps you have already looked at a number of different recipes and you are unsure which to make. This one is very well-balanced and offers a fresh and aromatic yet vibrant flavor which you are sure to find charming.

Why not make a citrus chicken marinade to flavor your poultry for tonight’s dinner? Chicken is an economical ingredient and you can easily flavor it using herbs and spices which you might already have in the house. Using citrus also helps to tenderize the chicken and although chicken is not ‘tough’ like beef can be, tenderizing it does give it an extra-soft texture which many people enjoy. Continue reading

Cilantro and Garlic Mexican Chicken Marinade

This flavorful Mexican chicken marinade is made with cilantro, tequila, lime, sugar, and garlic, for an authentic south of the border flavor. The alcohol in the tequila cooks off, so do not worry about that; you are only using it for the flavor. You can serve the grilled chicken with Mexican side dishes such as Mexican rice (sometimes known as Spanish rice), tortillas, and mole sauce.

Broiling is an easy cooking method but keep an eye on the chicken while it is cooking. A little charring is good because it looks nice and also offers a different flavor but too much charring means it is burnt, so avoid that!

Cilantro makes a colorful and appealing garnish, or you could swap it for any other herb you have, just to offer a touch of greenery. This recipe will serve four people if you are serving a small side dish or eight if you are serving a few different side dishes with it. Why not try making this exciting Mexican chicken marinade today, to liven up your chicken? It is a very simple recipe and the results are wonderful. You can serve it with some white rice and refried beans for a simple dinner. Continue reading

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