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Chicken Breast Marinade

Quick Chicken Breast Marinade with Apricot Jam

Apricot jam is the key ingredient in this chicken breast marinade and it gives the poultry a beautifully sweet, fruity flavor. The ginger, garlic, soy sauce, and green onions add an oriental flair, and the wine and lemon juice also add tasty notes. This marinade can be thrown together in less than five minutes, and it also freezes so you can make a big batch of it and freeze it in portions.

Use it for chicken breast or any other cut of the bird, or you could try it on pork chops or tenderloin, since pork also likes fruit. Another idea for leftover marinade (not one which has been in contact with the raw chicken though!) is to serve it in salads or use it in sandwiches with cold sliced meat.

In this recipe we slice the chicken breast in half lengthwise. Whether to do this or not is up to you, although halving the thickness of the chicken will halve the cooking time, so it is worth doing if you simply cannot wait to sink your teeth into this juicy meat. You will really enjoy the diverse flavors in this, and if you are looking for a speedy marinade you can make in minutes before leaving the house, this is the one, because you just have to stir the ingredients together and drop the poultry into it, nothing more. Continue reading

Tasty Marinade for Grilled Chicken Breasts

The following recipe relies on dry vermouth and sherry for its flavor, as well as mustard, garlic, herbs and other classic favorites which are found in plenty of marinade for grilled chicken breasts recipes. You can use this marinade as a sauce or a basting agent if you want to.

Take care when basting chicken on the grill, because you will notice this recipe contains vegetable oil which is flammable. If it drips on to the flames it will flare up, so be careful if you decide to baste your bird with a marinade containing oil, especially if you want to keep your eyebrows! Grilling chicken breasts without use a marinade can be risky because chicken is a very lean meat and therefore dries out easily when cooked over a dry heat.

Using a tasty marinade for grilled chicken breasts means you can infuse the chicken with moisture, in the form of the marinade, as well as giving it an extra special flavor. If you are worried about your chicken breasts drying out and you are keen to maintain their succulence, the following recipe is highly recommended. The flavor is second to none and the flavor is subtle and aromatic, yet very good. Continue reading

Best Chicken Marinade for Baked Chicken Breasts

This is the best recipe to make if you have a pair of chicken breasts and you want to make something tasty. The marinade is made with a simple combination of mustard, lemon, and oil and then it is baked to perfection. You will need to save half the mixture for drizzling over the cooked chicken. This will soak into the chicken as it rests, boosting the overall appeal of the dish and intensifying the main flavors.

This is such an easy recipe that complete newbies in the kitchen can manage it with ease. It is great for cooking beginners to start off with because there is not much that can go wrong unless you overcook your chicken. Chicken breasts are lean so they only need to be cooked until they are white all the way through, with no pink left in the middle.

Cooking them for longer will do you no favors, since the chicken will just get drier, so check it after half an hour and then give it another five to ten minutes if need be. If you enjoy the flavors of mustard and lemon, this is a fantastic recipe to choose, because it is easy yet the results are great. Continue reading

Best Chicken Fajita Marinade

The following recipe is sure to give your poultry an incredible flavor and, if you want to make the best-tasting fajitas, infusing your chicken with this delicious mixture is a great idea. Some people do not marinate their meat at all when making these but it is worth adding a hint of flavor, to add depth and character to the finished dish.

The herbs are aromatic and the lime, garlic and other ingredients add a bold flavor to your poultry. For the fajitas, you will also need warm tortillas, and some sautéed bell peppers and onions (or grilled if you prefer). Salsa, sour cream, guacamole, and grated cheese are also good to serve on the side, and people usually like to assemble their own, so present the finished cooked ingredients, and let them get on with it.

Although this recipe is designed with chicken in mind, you could swap the chicken broth for beef broth and use beef instead, if you wanted to use that. Fajitas can contain poultry, beef, seafood, fish, or even be vegetarian with beans or cheese. These tortilla snacks are a Tex-Mex invention, combining the best of both worlds – flavors and tortillas from Mexico and juicy beef from the Southern states, for a satisfying and wonderful meal. You will sigh with pleasure when you taste this great recipe. Continue reading

One of the Best Chicken Marinade Recipes with Basil

This is one of the best chicken marinade recipes if you are a fan of Italian cuisine. Combining basil, garlic, pine nuts, and parmesan with a splash of lemon juice and olive oil, you can make your own pesto recipe to marinate the chicken. Of course you could always use readymade pesto but making your own gives a fresher, better flavor.

If you have never made homemade pesto before you will be surprised at how easy it is to do. You do not need a lot of ingredients to make it and when you try your own homemade pesto you will never want to buy it again. The homemade kind is just so much better! If you usually stir pesto into cooked pasta or spaghetti, then try using it as a marinade for chicken. The flavor penetrates right into the poultry to give it a beautiful Italian flavor.

Serve the finished pesto chicken with roasted vegetables like eggplant, red onion and bell pepper or with an Italian salad. For the salad you could combine salad leaves, tomatoes and mozzarella cheese, for example, and drizzle an Italian dressing over it. This is one of the best chicken marinade recipes if you want to marinate your chicken overnight and end up with really rich-flavored poultry. Continue reading

Best Chicken Breast Marinade with Bay Leaves

This flavorful recipe is one of the best chicken breast marinade mixtures you can make. Featuring the herby notes of rosemary and bay leaves, as well as red wine vinegar, garlic, mustard and onion powder, this chicken breast marinade is sure to give your chicken breasts lots of flavor. It is up to you whether you freeze the chicken in the marinade and then use it at a later date, or let it marinate in the refrigerator and use it immediately.

Bay leaves are used plentifully in European cuisines, especially around the Mediterranean. They are also used in the United States in stews and soups, as well as vegetable, meat and seafood recipes. The leaves also star in various classic French recipes. The leaves can be used whole and then removed before serving, or they can be crumbled finely before being added to the dish. In some countries bay leaves are scattered in the pantry to repel bugs.

This recipe gives you the most delicious chicken, and you are sure to appreciate the beautiful flavor. The bay leaf flavor will be evident in the finished dish too, so if you like the bay flavor you are sure to love this. Continue reading

Cilantro and Yogurt Marinade Chicken

This flavorful lemon and yogurt marinade also features garlic, cumin, and cilantro for a delicious flavor. You can either use a glass dish or a re-sealable bag for the marinating. This recipe is influenced by Middle Eastern and Mexican cuisines and the chicken will be really aromatic and moist. The ingredients go beautifully together and you are really going to love the outcome of this recipe.

Use low fat plain yogurt if you are watching your fat intake or regular yogurt if not. Either of those would work just fine. This delicious marinade is simple to prepare and the resulting chicken can be broiled or grilled. You can serve it with a salad and some boiled rice. Alternatively this yogurt marinade chicken is good with couscous, so serve whatever you want on the side.

Like many other chicken marinades, this yogurt marinade is super-easy to put together. In fact anyone can do it. No matter whether you are a newbie on the kitchen or used to cooking for the family, you will not have any problems making this fantastic yogurt marinade for chicken. You might even like to bookmark the page so you can come back to this recipe the next time your family are begging you to make this delicious dish. Continue reading

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