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Fish Marinades

Zesty Pinot Grigio Marinade

Pinot Grigio is the main ingredient in this marinade, and this Italian white wine is sure to infuse your fish with a fantastic flavor. Also known as Pinot Gris, this wine is dry and slightly fruity. You can use another kind of white wine if you prefer, even something drier like Sauvignon Blanc would work, since the marinade also features honey and orange juice which are sweet ingredients.

What Fish to Use?

This is a versatile marinade and you can try it with cod, salmon, tilapia, orange roughy, halibut, hake, pollock, or pretty much any other kind, choosing from fish filets or steaks. This kind of marinade will be good with any of these, or consider shrimp or another kind of white fish. It would even work with chicken since that is light and neutral-tasting as well. The recipe makes enough for about 1½ pounds of fish but of course you may double or triple it if you are feeding a crowd.

As well as the wine, orange juice and honey, this recipe calls for garlic which adds a subtle yet distinctive flavor, and you can also add some minced fresh chives if you like, although those are optional so do not worry if you do not have any. A splash of lemon juice is also nice but you can leave this out if you prefer a sweeter result. Minced basil would also work in this recipe so you can use that instead if you want, saving a couple of sprigs for the garnish. Use a non-reactive container for marinating, so either a Ziploc bag or a glass or Pyrex dish. Avoid metal which can react with the marinade ingredients and cause a strange flavor. Continue reading

Mediterranean Fish Marinade with Fresh Herbs

If you want to preserve the taste of your fish and not risk overpowering the special flavor with anything too strong, consider this Mediterranean fish marinade because it adds a subtle flavor to the fish which is really good. You can either use a tablespoon each of fresh herbs or swap them for a teaspoon each of dried herbs. Either would work, although using fresh herbs is better because you will get a fresher and more aromatic result.

What Else is in There?

As well as the herbs you will need olive oil, garlic, lemon zest, and some basil vinegar if you have it, or white wine vinegar if you do not. With marinades, you can often swap one kind of oil for another or one kind of vinegar for another, and it will make a minimal difference to the outcome of your fish. There is no reason to buy a large bottle of basil vinegar if you do not already have it, just to use ¼ cup of it in this recipe.

This marinade is good to use with 2 pounds of fish filets, so perhaps tilapia, cod, orange roughy, or halibut would fit the bill and make a nice dinner for the family. You can pan-fry or grill the fish after marinating it, as you prefer, and consider serving it with potatoes or rice, or maybe a baby leaf salad. Garnish the dish with some fresh basil if you like, since it is so prevalent in the recipe, or with another fresh herb. Continue reading

Amazing Barbeque Marinade

If you want to add plenty of flavor to your salmon filets, you must try this recipe. It is so good! Soy sauce, brown sugar, garlic and lemon are used to add flavor to the fish, and the result is a lovely mix of sweetness and saltiness which works with the natural sweet flavor of salmon, yielding something which offers an incredible aroma and flavor. This is not especially sweet or especially spicy, but if you want to add some red chili flakes for a bit of kick, feel free, because it is your marinade after all, and you are the cook.

How to Use this Recipe

The recipe suggests that you apply the dry seasonings to the fish and then marinate it in the liquid ones, but if you are in a real rush, just put all the ingredients into a Ziploc bag and let the fish marinate in there. There result will be very similar. Grilling is usually the way to go if you want the very best results. Oil the grates and get the grill hot, then you can let any excess marinade drip off the fish and cook it for about 7 minutes on each side or until it is beginning to flake.

The salmon can also be threaded on to skewers if you prefer to cook it that way. You can serve it with mashed potatoes and broccoli or peas if you want a hot meal, or with potato salad or bread and some salad leaves if you prefer cold side dishes. Continue reading

Citrus and Beer Marinade

Beer is often used in meat marinades because the alcohol helps to break down the proteins in the meat and tenderize it. This is not something you will need to do with fish and in fact if you marinate fish too long it will become mushy, so just give it half an hour or so, enough time to flavor it without allowing the marinade to start to ‘cook’ it or make it too soft. A marinade for fish is lighter than a marinade for beef, so choose a light-flavored beer, nothing too dark, heavy or earthy.

As well as the beer this marinade features teriyaki and maple syrup to counter any bitter flavors in the beer and add a rich sweetness to the dish. Butter adds a decadent taste while green onions and garlic add an aromatic savory flavor to the marinade and help to even out the flavor. This is a cooked marinade so you will need to prepare it in a pan and simmer it to combine and soften the ingredients. Let it cool down and then you can marinate your fish in it.

Choose cod, salmon, haddock, or something meaty to marinate in here. The sweet taste of the marinade will complement any of those. Tilapia is another option, or even catfish. The fish can be cooked on the barbeque, pan-fried or broiled until done. Discard the marinade after using it because you will not need it again. Although you will not taste the beer in the finished recipe (just like you do not taste the beer in beer-battered fish) it does add a special flavor to the marinade and work very nicely with the fish.
Continue reading

Rosemary and Thyme Sardine Marinade

This recipe makes the most delicious marinade for sardines, and it is a Mediterranean inspired recipe. You will need 4 fresh sardines to make this recipe. You will need to get the fishmonger to gut and clean them, then rinse out the cavities just before starting on this recipe. Once you have rinsed them out and patted them dry with paper towels you can prepare the marinade. Sardines are a very sustainable fish and they are rich in healthy omega-3 fatty acids, making them a great choice. They are also high in calcium as well as lower in mercury than larger fish.

There are various cooking methods for sardines but barbequing them is the best because it yields tender, moist flesh and smoky, crispy skin. The marinating time is up to you but the minimum is half an hour. Let them marinate overnight though if possible, for a richer herb and lemon taste in the finished fish. You can either discard the marinade or grill the lemon slices alongside the fish if you want to serve them with the sardines. Another idea is to serve fresh lemon wedges with the fish, so you can squeeze them over before serving.

The fish will be cooked through in about 5 minutes, so consider making some vegetable kabobs with onion, bell pepper and mushrooms, and you will be able to cook those with the fish, since the cooking time will be about the same. If you prefer, you can make a Greek salad, perhaps with tomato, cucumber, black olives and feta cheese. Drizzle over some extra-virgin olive oil and red wine vinegar, add a pinch of dried oregano, and serve this with the sardines to continue the Mediterranean theme. Continue reading

Asian Double Sesame Marinade

This marinade is really simple because you just have to combine the ingredients. Although marinades like this one are often used on pork or beef, this one would also be perfect for cod, salmon or a ‘meaty’ kind of fish. The marinade is based on soy sauce, oil and lemon juice, and you will add green onion, garlic, sesame oil and ginger for flavor, along with some sesame seeds. The combination of sesame oil and sesame seeds ensures a distinctive sesame flavor in the finished dish.

Because this is quite a hearty marinade it is perhaps not the best choice for delicate fish like sole or plaice. Let your fish marinate in this for an hour or so, and let some of the green onion and sesame seeds stick to the fish after you drain off the marinade if you want. An hour is sufficient to infuse your fish with flavor although 20 or 30 minutes is better than nothing if you are in a rush. Do not give the fish more than a couple of hours at the most though because the lemon juice in this marinade is acidic and will start to ‘cook’ the fish, and that is not what we are doing here.

You can marinate it in a Ziploc bag or in a glass dish, as you prefer, flipping it over once halfway through to distribute the mixture evenly. The fish can then be cooked on the grill, or you might prefer to pan-fry or broil it until done. Because of the Asian flavors in this recipe, consider jasmine rice as a side dish, although if you crave some creamy potato salad as a contrasting dish, that would also work nicely and offer you a fusion-type meal. Continue reading

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