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Grilled Chicken Marinades

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Authentic Caribbean Jerk Sauce

This is a sauce which doubles up as a marinade. For adding the most flavor to your chicken, pork, shrimp, tofu, or steak, marinate it overnight in the jerk sauce and then serve the cooked meat with extra jerk sauce, so you get a double whammy of the incredible flavors it offers. This recipe makes plenty of sauce but it will keep for a month in the refrigerator, so do not be afraid of making a nice big batch of it. Be careful when working with chili peppers, especially Scotch bonnet chilies which can be really fiery. Wash your hands in hot, soapy water after handling the chilies.

What is Jerk Sauce?

The word ‘jerk’ refers to a native Jamaican cooking style where meat is marinated or dry-rubbed with a hot, spicy mixture, and pork and chicken are the most common meats to use. Scotch bonnet chili peppers and allspice are the main 2 flavors in jerk sauce, and cinnamon, garlic, salt, thyme, nutmeg, green onions, and cloves also feature in most recipes. The word is believed to come from the word ‘charqui’ which is a Spanish word originating from Quechua, meaning jerky or dried meat.

Some people believe Jamaican jerk sauce is originally African, and was introduced to Jamaica by African slaves captured by the Spanish colonists. The British invaded Jamaica in 1655 and the Spanish fled. The slaves did not want to be re-captured so they fled into the mountainous regions of Jamaica and mixed with the local Taínos. The slaves made use of the local ingredients, such as Scotch bonnet peppers, and their spicy sauce recipe became part of Jamaican cuisine. This is one theory about jerk sauce, and possible although not confirmed as fact. However this tasty sauce originated, there is no doubt it adds a fantastic flavor to your pork, chicken, or whichever meat you choose to use. Serve the hot, spicy meat and sauce with white rice or another cooling side dish. Continue reading

The Best Grilled Chicken Marinades

There are a lot of different marinades to choose from, whether you are planning to grill your chicken breasts or drumsticks whole or whether you fancy making kabobs. You can either grill or broil these kabobs. If you want to broil them, keep them five inches from the heat and give them about fifteen minutes. You will find the directions for grilling the chicken in the recipe itself. Chargrilling gives the kabobs a smoky flavor which broiling cannot.

In the following recipe, the bird is marinated in a spiced mixture of pineapple juice, soy sauce, ginger, lemon juice and more. This combination of ingredients gives it plenty of flavor and since the meat is chopped up before being added to the marinade, it will have a stronger flavor. If you use a whole chicken breast, only the outside gets the taste because it is in contact with the marinade. Marinating chopped chicken means more of the bird’s surface area is in contact with the liquid, therefore it will end up with a more intense flavor.

This is one of the best recipes if you want to make kabobs and you can serve them with fresh salad leaves and tomato, as well as a fruity salsa. Pineapple salsa is nice but since the kabobs contain pineapple chunks and the marinade contains pineapple juice, why not try a mango salsa recipe instead, for a better contrast? Use unripe green mango or ripe orange-colored mango, as you prefer. Continue reading

Quick Chicken Breast Marinade with Apricot Jam

Apricot jam is the key ingredient in this chicken breast marinade and it gives the poultry a beautifully sweet, fruity flavor. The ginger, garlic, soy sauce, and green onions add an oriental flair, and the wine and lemon juice also add tasty notes. This marinade can be thrown together in less than five minutes, and it also freezes so you can make a big batch of it and freeze it in portions.

Use it for chicken breast or any other cut of the bird, or you could try it on pork chops or tenderloin, since pork also likes fruit. Another idea for leftover marinade (not one which has been in contact with the raw chicken though!) is to serve it in salads or use it in sandwiches with cold sliced meat.

In this recipe we slice the chicken breast in half lengthwise. Whether to do this or not is up to you, although halving the thickness of the chicken will halve the cooking time, so it is worth doing if you simply cannot wait to sink your teeth into this juicy meat. You will really enjoy the diverse flavors in this, and if you are looking for a speedy marinade you can make in minutes before leaving the house, this is the one, because you just have to stir the ingredients together and drop the poultry into it, nothing more. Continue reading

Greek Yogurt Chicken Marinade with Ginger and Lemon

This mouthwatering dish is made by soaking your chicken overnight in a tasty Greek yogurt marinade. The marinade features onion, lemon juice, garlic, ginger, and garam masala, so you can imagine how flavorful it is. Allowing the chicken to marinate for such a long time really infuses it with the aromatic flavors and gives it a truly special taste.

The recipe also includes directions for making a cucumber salad to serve on the side. Although you can omit that if you want, it is included here because it goes so amazingly well with the chicken. Also, you might wish to serve pita or naan bread with this, to make it a full meal. The cucumber salad is cooling and refreshing, which is the perfect contrast with the spiced chicken drumsticks. Without marinating, this meal simply would not be the same. The drumsticks would seem bland when served with the creamy cucumber salad, whereas using the marinade really livens them up and gives incredible results.

Use this marinade if you like Indian spices and if you want to make your chicken super-delicious. This is a nice marinade to use if you have friends coming over for a barbecue and you want to make something slightly different for them. They are sure to adore the flavors in this marinade because they permeate right through the meat. Continue reading

Yellow Marinade Chicken Recipe Found in Mexican Markets

There are lots of chicken marinade recipes featuring mustard and this one is really good. Mustard marinades can work with chicken, beef, or fish, and the following recipe is especially nice with chicken. Perhaps you are wondering how to make a yellow marinade chicken recipe found in Mexican markets and this one features the garlic and citrus popular in some south of the border chicken dishes.

Homemade marinades are always better than the ones you buy though, and you can alter them however you like. A bottled marinade contains chemicals and additives but a homemade one can be as pure and healthy as you want, and you can personalize your marinades, in order to give your poultry the best taste ever.

Mustard is often served on hot dogs but can be overlooked when it comes to making marinades and other tasty dishes. This condiment comes in different varieties, including yellow mustard, honey mustard, and Dijon mustard. Dijon mustard is dark brown and quite pungent. Yellow mustard is great with Southern-style grilled food. Stone-ground mustard contains bits of mustard seeds and you can combine it with beer to make a steak or pork chop marinade. Honey mustard is also very tasty. The following recipe calls for yellow mustard but you can use another variety if you want. Continue reading

Lime and Herb Marinade Chicken Wings with Chilies

If you are looking for an extra spicy chicken marinade recipe, this one might interest you. Featuring paprika, chilies, and cayenne pepper, this spicy hot chicken wings marinade will set your taste buds on fire, especially if you include the seeds from the chilies when making the marinade, and also throw in a little extra cayenne.

Bear in mind the longer the chicken wings sit in the marinade the more flavor they will soak up, so you can give them plenty of time if you want a really spicy result or less time for a milder finish. If you are not so keen on fierce spice, then reduce the amount of chilies and cayenne you use in the recipe. Making your own chicken marinades instead of relying on bottled ones means you can make the marinades exactly as you want, adding more of some ingredients and less of others, to get a unique and personalized taste.

You might want to serve the spicy chicken wings with a cooling side dish. Something like a creamy potato salad or a homemade coleslaw recipe would work perfectly for this. Salad also goes well with them or, if you are just making these as a snack, then serve them simply as they are, and don’t forget the napkins! Continue reading

Low Sodium Chicken Marinade with Cayenne

This marinade is best when you leave the chicken soaking in it overnight. The garlic, ginger, and cayenne give the marinade plenty of zing and the resulting chicken is very tasty. If you are restricting your fat intake as well as your sodium intake, you can swap the canola oil for low sodium chicken broth, but remember that most of the marinade is discarded after use, so you will not be consuming much of it anyway.

Who needs salt for flavor? Salt is a lazy way of adding flavor to foods and with a little experimentation you will discover that using herbs, spices, citrus and other ingredients in your marinades, sauces and recipes instead will yield the same delicious results but you will be eating a low-sodium diet, and be feeling better for it!

This low sodium chicken marinade works well with chicken leg quarters, chicken thighs, or breasts. Grilling the chicken gives great results but if you prefer to bake your chicken, put it in a 13 x 9 inch pan and cover it with foil to lock in the moisture. Broiling is another option if you do not want to grill or bake. Keep an eye on the chicken though, since it can burn fast if it is too close to the broiler or left for too long. Continue reading

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