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International Steak Marinades

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Grilled Sirloin Steak Marinade with Butter

This is a great recipe to use if you are searching for a grilled sirloin steak marinade. The butter gives it a lovely rich flavor. This recipe makes two cups of marinade, which is enough for four pounds of steak. Four pounds is quite a lot, so you can halve the recipe if you like. As well as the butter, this marinade features Italian dressing, garlic, steak sauce and a pinch of salt and black pepper, to round out the flavors. This is especially good with sirloin steak.

The grill needs to be nice and hot before you add the steak, and you can use an oiled rag (held in a pair of long-handled tongs) to apply it. How do you know when the grill is hot enough? Hold your hand four inches above the grate. After two or three seconds the heat will make you pull your hand away. If this happens, you know it is hot enough to cook on.

Cook the marinated steaks for as long as you like. A good guide is that a ½ inch thick steak will take 2 or 3 minutes per side for medium, a 1 inch thick steak will take about 5 minutes, and a 1½ to 2 inch steak will take up to 9 minutes per side. If you want your steak medium rare, give it less time. For medium-well or well done, give it longer, although bear in mind the longer you cook it the less juicy it will get. Continue reading

Red Wine Montreal Steak Marinade Recipe

Although you can rub Montreal seasoning straight on to steak and use it like that, it can also be used to make flavorful things such as the following Montreal steak marinade recipe. The seasoning is combined with red wine, garlic, oil and a touch of salt and black peppercorns, and applied to the meat, letting it tenderize and flavor it. This is a bold-flavored marinade and you will love the flavor it gives your meat.

Serve the finished steak with a baked potato and perhaps some onion rings on the side and experience a heavenly flavor sensation. This Montreal steak marinade recipe is quick and easy to make and you can either marinate the meat in a Ziploc bag or use a glass or Pyrex dish. Make sure you flip the steak a few times, whether you are using the bag or the dish, to ensure the marinade reaches every part of it.

Until quite recently the population of Montreal consisted mainly of people of French or British descent, and this marinade pays homage to that by using red wine (pick something French for authenticity) and garlic, and it is a fact that the Brits love big, juicy steaks. Give your steaks a big, bold flavor by using this fantastic recipe. Continue reading

Montreal Steak Marinade with Garlic and Soy Sauce

This flavorful recipe for Montreal steak marinade brings out the wonderful flavor of your meat. The soy sauce, garlic, and olive oil go nicely with the Montreal Steak Seasoning to give a well-rounded flavor to your steaks. This is a four ingredient steak marinade but do not worry about only using a few ingredients to make this.

You do not need a whole list of ingredients here because the flavor you get from just these four is perfectly rich and hearty. Actually, some of the best steak marinades are those with the fewest ingredients. Sometimes it is nice to keep things simple and let the flavor of the meat shine through whatever marinade you choose to use, so never worry about a short recipe. Recipes are often kept short for a reason (and that also makes them easier to prepare!)

This is an easy marinade to make because you just need to rub the seasoning into the meat and then let it soak in the garlic mixture until it has absorbed plenty of wonderful Montreal marinade flavor. This is one of those marinades you will always go back to, time and time again, because the flavor is spot-on with the steak, and you can be sure the family will request this again. Continue reading

One of the Easiest Porterhouse Steak Marinades

This is one of the spiciest and most flavorful porterhouse steak marinades ever and, if you like your meat to have a hot kick to it, you are sure to enjoy this. Porterhouse is a popular cut of steak which has a robust flavor, and this marinade is beautiful with it.

Garlic, chili powder and black pepper are the main components in this porterhouse steak marinade and the marinade is quite thick – more of a paste than a liquid. Some marinades are very watery, usually the ones with citrus juice in, but this one has oil to make it a marinade rather than a rub and porterhouse steaks do not need much tenderizing anyway.

The fact it is thicker means it sticks to the meat better and if you are leaving it overnight and you are unable to flip it over, it will not matter, since the thick marinade clings to the meat and will flavor it well. If you want to cook a tough steak, you might want to choose one of our other easy steak marinades with citrus juice or an acidic base, since marinades only tenderize if they contain something acidic like vinegar or lemon juice, or if you add a pinch of tenderizing powder to the marinade. Continue reading

Gorgeous Grilled Steak Marinade Recipe with Cumin and Citrus

This is a really nice grilled steak marinade recipe to make if you enjoy typical Spanish flavors. The citrus juices have a dual function in that they tenderize the meat as well as flavoring it, so you can use a tough cut like flank steak or skirt steak if you want to because it will come out tender once the citrus juices have worked their magic and broken down the tough meat fibers.

Alternatively, you can use it on a more tender steak but it will not need so much marinating time, perhaps just an hour or two so the citrus doesn’t make the meat mushy. This is an unusual grilled steak marinade recipe but the flavors go together fantastically and this makes a very impressive dish, which everybody is sure to enjoy.

The combination of herbs and spices is what makes this one of our more unusual marinade recipes, since some recipes for marinating steak use only herbs or only spices, but you will agree the spiciness of the cumin, paprika and red pepper go well with the fragrant flavor of oregano, especially when teamed with tomato juice, garlic and citrus, for that unmistakable Mediterranean appeal. Continue reading

Simple Tasty Skirt Steak Marinade

This full-flavored, exotic marinade is great for pork, seafood and chicken as well as beef. It is versatile and so simple to make. If you enjoy Asian flavors you are going to love this easy steak marinade recipe. You can serve the cooked, marinated steak with jasmine rice if you like. The garlic, ginger and lemongrass are aromatic and permeate right into the meat, while the chili oil spices it up and the sesame oil helps with the exotic flavor. The rice vinegar adds a nice zing to the mix.

This is an impressive dish to serve if you have company but the fact that you are using economical skirt steak and ingredients you probably already have in the cupboards means that this is a budget recipe which tastes like a gourmet one. Nobody ever complained about having to make an easy recipe instead of a hard one, especially when the results are this good!

This simple tasty skirt steak marinade recipe, which makes enough to serve four, is sure to become one of your favorite recipes if you like meat and you are feeding a family of steak fanatics, because the flavors really suit the meat and the marinating makes it incredibly tender. Continue reading

Amazing Flank Steak Marinade – Top Secret Mexican Recipe

Flank steak is a wonderful steak for marinating. Unlike New York strip or filet mignon, this cut of meat needs some help in terms of flavor and tenderizing, and the following amazing flank steak marinade will convert your meat into the most juicy and tasty steak ever.

If you want to marinate the steak for longer than forty five minutes, do it in the refrigerator, but remember that bringing the meat back to room temperature before grilling it helps it to cook evenly. Putting cold meat on the grill (or in a pan, for that matter) means the meat seizes up and toughens. Also the steak takes longer to cook because it has to warm up first, so you might overcook the outside before the center is even warm. These are great steak tips, and it pays to know them.

Some good Mexican restaurants use the following amazing flank steak marinade recipe to give their beef a wonderful taste and an almost falling-apart texture. This cut of meat can be tough but using a good steak marinade recipe guarantees great results. Tenderize the meat and add flavor with this fantastic and easy marinade, and you will be glad you did. Continue reading

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