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Rotisserie Chicken Marinade

Mexican Marinade Recipe for Making Rotisserie Chicken

This is a delicious recipe and the ingredients are easy to get hold of. If you enjoy south of the border tastes, you will definitely agree that this marinade gives an authentic Mexican touch to your chicken. It is so much better than anything you could get bottled in the store. The cilantro and lime flavor permeates right through the chicken and this recipe is a keeper. If you fancy adding Mexican flavors to your marinade, choose this one. The results are phenomenal.

A rotisserie oven is a very handy piece of equipment to have and some ovens or combi-ovens come with a spit which you can slide a whole chicken on to. If you have never tried making your own rotisserie chicken recipes you are in for a real treat when you taste this. The following marinade recipe for making rotisserie chicken has a fresh and mouthwatering flavor.

Perhaps you have only roasted chickens before, but even if you rotate a roast chicken, turning it over every half an hour or so, it will never come out as evenly cooked as a chicken which has been rotating the whole time during the cooking process, which is why everyone ought to try a rotisserie-cooked chicken. Continue reading

Chicken Marinade Rotisserie

A rotisserie oven is a great way to cook chicken and a lot of people believe that rotisserie chicken has a better flavor and texture than chicken cooked on the grill or baked in the oven. Rotisserie chickens are cooked on a spit. As the spit rotates, the chicken cooks evenly and the juices distribute freely through the bird, keeping the chicken moist.

No wonder rotisserie chickens are so popular. You just cannot beat the succulence or flavor. In the old days rotisserie chickens would be cooked the most labor-intensive way because someone had to turn the spit by hand! Today we do not have this problem, since rotisserie ovens work electronically of course.

If you use a good chicken marinade rotisserie recipe, you can add extra flavor to your chicken. Since you are using a whole chicken (and that is a lot of bird to marinate at once!) let the bird sit in the marinade overnight, to really let the flavor penetrate throughout the flesh of the chicken. The following recipe contains herbs, spices, mustard, instant soup mix and more, for a complex and delicious flavor. Chicken marinade rotisserie recipes vary but this one is a real winner. Continue reading

Rotisserie Chicken Marinade with Honey and Chives

For this recipe you will need one chicken, weighing between three and four pounds. It should be cleaned and rinsed out before you apply the rotisserie chicken marinade. This is a very flavorful recipe to use, and the combination of sweet orange and honey with the more savory soy sauce and garlic gives a wonderful depth to this rotisserie chicken recipe.

Half of the marinade is used to soak the chicken and give it flavor and the other half is for basting. Since the second half of the marinade will not have come into contact with the raw chicken, you can baste the chicken at any time during cooking, even during the final few minutes, to give the outside of the bird maximum flavor and to ensure the chicken does not dry out.

Rotisseries come in various sizes. You might have something tiny like a mini-oven or combi-oven with a rotisserie option and that is sufficient to cook one small chicken. Alternatively you can get rotisserie attachments for the grill and cook the bird on there, or you might have a large oven so you can cook a medium or large bird. The bigger the bird the longer it will take to cook through. Continue reading

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