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Simple Chicken Marinades

Cayenne and Garlic Fried Chicken Marinade

This fried chicken marinade is a great idea for spicing up your dinner and it is easy to make. Chicken will never taste better than when you use this simple marinade for it. A marinade is the best way to flavor your fried chicken and this recipe is fast and easy, and can be used for fried, baked or grilled chicken. Try it for next dinner party and watch as your guest enjoy every piece of chicken and want to know how you made it so juicy and tasty.

Of all the chicken recipes I have found and tried, my family always prefer fried chicken. They love the crispy crust and the moist juiciness of the flesh. Whenever I make fried chicken I usually have to double the recipe. That way they can have the leftover fried chicken for lunch the next day if it lasts that long. I now marinate my chicken pieces before battering and frying because I have found marinating the chicken adds more flavor to the meat and definitely improves the moistness factor. The following piquant marinade is especially good and goes great for either deep-fried or oven-fried chicken.

So how do you make it? Well, the ingredients are few but the flavor is grand. For this marinade you will need chicken pieces of your choice, soy sauce, cayenne pepper, Worcestershire sauce, black pepper, salt, and water. The directions below will help you create this wonderful marinade for your chicken. It will add flavor to the meat without overpowering the natural chicken flavor, and it offers the right blend of spicy, aromatic and savory. Continue reading

Beer and Lemon Marinade for Chicken

This tasty chicken marinade recipe uses beer as one of its main ingredients. Did you know that beer has been used by people in many countries for more than 8000 years? Beer is made from yeast, grain (barley), herbs (hops), and water. Everyone knows beer as an all-time favorite beverage. People love beer that is why this is one of the widest circulated drinks in the world. I would like to guess that because of its popularity most homes have a can or a bottle of beer in their refrigerator. But did you know that this is also a good ingredient in food?

Beer can be added to baked goodies to add a soft texture and can be incorporated in food to add taste. Beer is a very good leavening agent. It is used in baking to give lightness in cakes, doughnuts, and bread. It is also known as one of the world’s most used seasoning agent. Beer adds flavor to marinades for chicken, fish, pork, beef, and seafood. Beer softens the meat in the following recipe and can help create a dark color making the gravy richer in color. Speck is a kind of ham that originated in Italy. This is smoked and is flavored in a combination of spices like garlic, bay leaves, nutmeg, and juniper.

Speck is usually used in pastas, pizzas, and risotto because of its strong flavor. In this recipe speck is cooked with onions and is a good complement to the chicken flavored with beer and spices. This recipe is one good example of how beer can be incorporated in food. With the variety of tastes it gives, no wonder people all over the world have proclaimed beer as one of the excellent ingredient in the kitchen. Beer is a versatile liquid that adds zest to ordinary food. With the many varieties of beer available, one can also experiment on the different kinds of flavors it gives to food. Continue reading

Simple Chicken Marinade Recipe with Green Onions

This simple chicken marinade recipe contains green onions, lime juice, garlic, and a splash of vinegar, as well as olive oil, for a simple yet very tasty result. You can easily throw this simple chicken marinade recipe together from items you might already have in the pantry. Half an hour is the minimum amount of time you should let the chicken marinate, and anything up to two hours is fine.

Use any kind of chicken you want in this recipe but bone-in chicken thighs work out especially well because they are naturally juicy and flavorful. Bone-in chicken takes longer to cook than boneless chicken because it is denser and the pieces are usually larger, but just test it. Once there is no pinkness remaining on the inside, or next to the bone, the chicken is done and it is ready to be served, so you can impress your hungry family.

If you want the chicken skin to get really brown and crispy, brush a little butter on during the final few minutes of grilling and turn the chicken skin side down. This simple chicken marinade recipe is based on a Brazilian marinade and it is good served with rice and black beans. Continue reading

Chicken Broth Recipe for Injectable Marinades

An injection sauce is a marinade and therefore needs to be applied several hours before you cook the chicken. You can use the following chicken broth recipe for injectable marinades for chicken or turkey. Injectable marinades work faster than regular chicken marinade recipes because the injector nozzle will pump your marinade right into the core of the chicken, so if you are in a rush and cannot give your chicken marinade hours and hours to work, then simply grab your injector and use that, as well as an injector-friendly marinade recipe.

When making a chicken broth recipe for injectable marinades it is important to understand how the injector works. You should inject each piece of chicken in numerous places to spread the marinade flavor evenly through the meat. Do not use too much marinade – it is meant to enhance the flavor of your meat, not overpower it.

The best injectors are those with multiple holes down the length of the needle because they you only have to inject the chicken in a couple of places. Do not use anything that could clog up the holes in the injector (that means no flaky herbs or minced garlic) so something which is liquid and contains only tiny pieces of powdered ingredients is your best bet. Continue reading

Spicy Chicken Marinade with Habanero Pepper

This spicy chicken marinade contains aromatic parsley, rosemary, sage and thyme, as well as piquant habanero and other ingredients. This is a great spicy chicken marinade recipe to make because it tastes really good and is simple to put together. You can swap the habanero for jalapeno if you prefer, and use more garlic if you are a garlic fan. Wear gloves when preparing the hot pepper because if you have any tiny cuts it will sting them and if you rub your eyes without thinking – well, it is best not to even imagine that!

Any adaptations are possible when preparing homemade marinades. A bottled marinade is someone else’s idea of what tastes good (plus all the chemicals and additives you get in bottled products) but a homemade marinade is something you can experiment with and make changes to.

You might like to serve the marinated chicken with rice or with a potato salad on the side. This spicy chicken marinade recipe makes a cup of marinade which is enough for two pounds of chicken. The general rule with marinades is that the chicken should be covered all over, so use half a cup of marinade for every pound of chicken, unless the recipe tells you otherwise. Continue reading

Great Chicken Wing Marinade for Crockpot Chicken Wings

Why not make your next chicken wings recipe in the slow cooker? You do not have to watch them cook and the chicken wings will come out juicy and flavorful. The following recipe blends ginger, garlic, chicken broth, soy sauce and more for a tasty result. Chicken takes several hours to cook in a crockpot, so you can go away and leave the slow cooker to work its magic, then come back and serve the chicken whenever you are ready.

It is important to realize that different crockpots have different cooking times. Ours might cook a whole chicken in just four hours but yours might need six, or vice versa. If you have cooked chicken in your crockpot before you will have some idea of how long it will take, but if not just keep an eye on it, checking it after two hours because it might be done. If it cooks too fast then just keep it on low or use the keep warm setting until it is required.

There are lots of chicken wing marinade recipes but this one is simple and effective. You can serve the chicken wings as a snack or for dinner, perhaps with some potato salad and corn on the cob, or your favorite side dishes for chicken. Continue reading

Simple Chicken Marinade Recipe with Tarragon

This might be a very simple chicken marinade recipe but do not underestimate the flavor because this does taste very good. The chicken is soaked in a mixture of tarragon, lemon, mustard, pepper, and Worcestershire sauce. This five ingredient chicken marinade recipe is well-balanced, contrasting the tangy lemon juice and mustard with the herby tarragon and salty Worcestershire sauce.

You can allow the chicken to marinate on the countertop for twenty minutes if you are in a real rush but for the best results let the chicken soak in this simple chicken marinade recipe in the refrigerator for a few hours, to allow the marinade to soak deeply into the bird. You will notice the difference between a bird which has had a short marinating time and one which has been allowed to luxuriate in the tarragon and lemon mixture and soak up much more of the flavor.

Opt for the speedy way if you are in a rush or allow hours of marinating if you have the time to do so. Serve the cooked marinated chicken with potatoes or rice, as well as one or two of your favorite vegetables. You might like to serve a salad with this simple chicken marinade recipe, rather than the vegetables. Continue reading

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