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Vegetable Marinades

Easy Balsamic Vinegar Marinade

This balsamic vinegar marinade recipe is slightly different to other recipes for vegetable marinades, in that the vegetables are grilled before being marinated, rather than after. If you are looking for a recipe for cold marinated vegetables, this one is great. The marinade contains minced shallots, basil, garlic and oil, as well as the balsamic vinegar, and the vegetables are tomatoes, mushrooms, zucchini, onion, squash and asparagus, although you can alter the veggies if you like and use a different combination.

The vegetables are grilled until they are tender and then mixed with the marinade and left to marinate overnight. Give them at least twelve hours in the refrigerator anyway, so they can soak up as much of the balsamic vinegar marinade flavor as possible.

To make a chiffonade of basil, simply roll the leaves up like a cigar and use a small, sharp knife to cut thin diagonal strips. This does not bruise the leaves like mincing them would and it allows you to get small enough pieces. You can serve these chilled marinated vegetables as an appetizer or as a side dish. They are also great as a buffet dish or at a pot luck supper. This is a wonderful gourmet recipe, which is suitable for any occasion and any season. It is also convenient that you can make it in advance. Continue reading

Sweet and Tangy Marinade with Olive Oil and Lemon Juice

This sweet yet tart marinade makes a change from the more common lemon juice and olive oil only marinades. The olive oil and lemon juice are key components in this flavorful vegetable marinade and the mustard and garlic add a piquancy. The maple syrup adds a soft sweetness and the basil gives this marinade an aromatic touch. All in all, this is perhaps one of the best gourmet vegetable marinade recipes of all because the flavor is so well balanced. You can make this marinade up to seven days in advance and keep it in a covered dish in the refrigerator.

If you are looking for something a bit unusual, this delicious vegetable marinade recipe is heartily recommended. The flavors merge beautifully and you can use this marinade on any vegetables you like. Mushrooms, onions, and bell pepper go well with this, as would eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes, and asparagus. You can make aluminum foil envelopes for the vegetables or cook them on skewers. If you are going to use small vegetables like corn, it is obviously easier to use the foil envelopes, or to use a grilling basket. Just use your judgment based on the vegetables you have chosen, since there are different grilling methods suited to different veggies.

Some oriental marinade recipes have a sweet edge to them, like this maple syrup marinade does, and this marinade manages to be sweet yet tart simultaneously. The fresh basil is brilliant in this recipe, especially if you use tomatoes as one of the vegetables because tomatoes and basil are a wonderful mixture. If you have some lemon juice and olive oil and you were wondering what to add to the olive oil and lemon juice mixture to make a good marinade, now you know. The following recipe is sure to delight you. As a guide to vegetable quantity, use half a zucchini, one bell pepper and half an onion with this marinade, or an equivalent amount of other vegetables. Continue reading

Vegetable Marinade with Celery Seeds and Mustard

Use your favorite vegetables in conjunction with the following grilled vegetable marinade recipe for great results. Onion, zucchini, red bell pepper, green bell pepper, mushrooms, tomatoes, and eggplant are all good examples of vegetables to use with this marinade and you can thread them on to skewers to make vegetable kabobs. Chop the vegetables into one inch pieces for the best cooking times and so you can handle them easily. It is nice to use plenty of color when making veggie kabob recipes, to make them as appealing and appetizing as possible. Try to use green, red, yellow, and perhaps another color too, so that everybody is tempted to eat these delicious grilled vegetable kabobs.

The following vegetable marinade contains cider vinegar, celery seeds, mustard, cloves, rosemary, red peppercorns and more, for a fresh and lively flavor. If you enjoy making vegetable marinades, you will find this one very easy because you just have to whisk everything together and then add the vegetables. If you want a stronger flavored marinade, you can make this a day or two in advance, to let the flavors in it blend. Save the used marinade to use as a baste while the vegetable kabobs are cooking. Unlike with meat or poultry marinades, you do not have to take care. When you are using marinade as a baste for meat, it can be risky if it has been in contact with the raw meat because bacteria can live in it. When using vegetables, this is not an issue.

Garlic features in lots of different vegetable marinades, as do salt, pepper, and sugar. The cider vinegar has a robust flavor and the celery seeds and cloves add a special touch to this vegetable marinade recipe, which goes nicely with any vegetables you use. You can serve these tasty vegetable kabobs with rice or noodles, with a baked potato or as a side dish to any other recipe you are making. If you are cooking for vegetarians, you can serve couscous, risotto or another kind of grain or grain-based dish on the side, to make it more satisfying and tasty. Continue reading

Marinated Boletus Mushrooms in a Lemon and Garlic Marinade

Porcini mushrooms, which are also known as boletus mushrooms, are brown-capped fungi, which are often used in pasta dishes, salads, and risottos. These mushrooms can also be marinated and grilled. The marinade infuses them with flavor and the grilling process makes them succulent, juicy, and really tasty. You can also use this marinade for zucchini, broccoli, or cauliflower. If you cannot get boletus mushrooms, you can use brown mushrooms, button mushrooms or another kind. Just chop them up so the marinade will cover all the pieces and they will grill faster.

Mushrooms are great for vegetarians so you can serve this as an entree, rather than a side dish, if you are having vegetarians to dinner. Serve some warm bread with the marinated mushrooms, for soaking up the wonderful juices, and perhaps a salad on the side. You could use big portabella mushrooms instead of the boletus mushrooms, then just serve one to each person.

Mushrooms naturally have an earthy flavor, which is complemented and enhanced with the garlic, lemon, mustard, and other ingredients in the following marinated mushrooms recipe. The mustard adds a little spice, the lemon juice adds sharpness and the other ingredients help to balance out the overall flavor and round it out perfectly. You will find this recipe for marinated boletus mushrooms to be very easy to prepare. Let them marinate overnight for the best results or for at least three hours if you do not have that much time. If you are using cauliflower, broccoli or zucchini as well as, or instead of, the mushrooms, you can either skewer them or wrap them in aluminum foil. Do not put too many vegetables in foil because the cooking time will be longer. If you are using a lot of vegetables or doubling the recipe, make two or three foil envelopes instead of just one big one. Continue reading

Grilled Marinated Tomatoes with Garlic and Oregano

Marinated tomatoes are delicious when you grill them and if you are looking for an interesting grilled side dish recipe, what about making these juicy marinated tomatoes? These go just as well alongside a grilled steak or piece of fish for the carnivores as it does with a plate of grilled fresh vegetables for the vegetarians. Tomatoes can be marinated and eaten without being cooked but grilling the tomatoes gives them a smoky flavor and makes them hot and extra juicy, so it is well worth grilling them. If you do not want to grill them, do not bother poking holes in the tomatoes before adding the marinade. Just leave them in the marinade for up to a couple of weeks and keep them refrigerated. You can then add them to salads and sandwiches.

In the following recipe for marinated tomatoes, the tomatoes are steeped in a combination of oil, garlic, vinegar, oregano, mustard and more for a few hours, to infuse them with flavor. The cherry tomatoes have little holes poked in them so the marinade can soak right into their insides. Just make tiny holes because you do not want the juice leaking all over the grill when you cook them! An alternative to this would be to thread the cherry tomatoes on to skewers before adding the marinade. Either way works fine, so it is up to you what you prefer.

Marinated tomatoes make a colorful side dish, as well as a highly flavorful one. They are sweet yet savory. There is something very appetizing about their bright red color so do not let them become too charred on the grill because they are already soft. The tomatoes just need to heat up rather than tenderize. Perhaps you enjoy growing your own cherry tomatoes, in which case it is worth knowing some tasty marinated tomatoes recipes so you have lots of different ways to prepare your tasty fresh produce. Continue reading

One of the Best Red Wine Vinegar Marinade Recipes

Red wine vinegar marinade recipes are suitable for many different recipes and this is a key ingredient in some of the best grilled fresh vegetables recipes. The following red wine vinegar marinade also contains sugar, mustard, ginger, garlic, and soy sauce for flavor. The vegetables are marinated in this mixture for a few hours and then cooked over the grill. This marinade has an oriental flavor and a slight spicy flavor without being too piquant.

You can use different vegetables if you like. As with all grilled vegetable kabob recipes, choose veggies with a similar cooking time so everything will be ready at the same time. Eggplant, tomatoes, squash, and broccoli are other ideas for these grilled vegetable kabobs. This red wine vinegar marinade goes with any vegetables that you want to try.

Sometimes you can use white wine vinegar instead of red wine vinegar to make marinade recipes and the taste is slightly different but white wine vinegar would also work in the following recipe. Red wine tends to be used in rich, meaty dishes and white wine is often used with poultry and fish. The same rule does not apply to vinegar made from wine because vinegar is usually added in very small quantities, usually just a splash, to give a dish a hint of flavor, unlike wine, which you would need more of. Continue reading

Seasoned Olive Oil Marinade for Grilled Vegetable Skewers

Seasoned olive oil is olive oil, which is flavored. There are many possible flavorings including lemon peel, garlic, chilies, or wild herbs. You can use flavored oils for salad dressings or as an ingredient in a grilled vegetable marinade recipe. Some flavored oils need to be refrigerated. If you want to use a lightly seasoned olive oil, try tarragon, parsley, cilantro, or basil. You can also make your own seasoned olive oil using thyme, rosemary, garlic, juniper berries, fennel, or anything else you fancy. Store this seasoned oil for up to two weeks in the refrigerator. Add some lemon verbena to give the oil a woodier taste.

In the following recipe, you can use any kind of seasoned olive oil you like. The oil is combined with lemon juice, vinegar, fennel, herbs and more, to give plenty of flavor to the vegetable kabobs. This is a full-flavored marinade and the seasoned olive oil adds an extra flavor dimension to this recipe. You can serve these delicious veggie kabobs with rice or noodles or alongside a meat or fish recipe.

Grilled fresh vegetables do not have to be a boring dish and actually grilling makes vegetables so flavorful and juicy that they are never dull anyway. Using a grilled vegetable marinade just livens up the flavor even more and you can choose from lots of different types of marinade recipes, depending on what type of vegetables you are grilling, what you are serving them with and the overall flavor you are seeking. Continue reading

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