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Butter Sauces

Zesty Orange Sauce – Orange Zest That Is

Sauces don’t always have to be savory although this has a nice citrusy taste it is definitely a sweet sauce and not savory. Now I suppose you could use it in a chicken recipe to give it a nice sweet citrus flavor and it would go well with a mild fish like cod, haddock or flounder but it really is most at home in the morning as a topping. Just because it is most at home though I am trying to show you even a so called dessert sauce has a place in other side dishes and main dish recipes if you want.

This is a really easy recipe and in fact is only a five ingredient recipe so not a lot of ingredients to have to buy and it can be put together pretty quick to. Now if you have the option for nice tree ripened oranges by all means squeeze the orange juice fresh I did it with a premium orange juice as no oranges accept those pre picked ones where I live so the premium orange juice is actually a better and fresher option for me.

Although this sauce is kind of meant to be served as a topping and from a small pitcher or similar serving dish it could be blended into a dish and used as a main sauce with the food instead of as an accompanying sauce. It could easily be made into the main focal point of the dish and I can see this being served with a dish over rice it would go very well as the sweetness of the sauce would lend well to rice or such. Although I have not tried this it might even make a nice salad dressing with a rice salad or similar dish. Continue reading

Nantua Sauce for Seafood

This lovely French sauce is made with béchamel sauce, cream, and crayfish butter. In some recipes, including the following one, shrimp butter is used in place of crayfish butter. Although in French cuisine the term ‘nantua’ refers to any dish containing crayfish, it is also the term for this delicious, creamy sauce which you can serve with shellfish, seafood or fish.

Either serve this with seafood for dipping or drizzle it over your fish or seafood. Some cooks enjoy frying shrimp, calamari and other hot, crispy, battered seafood and serving it with nantua because the creamy sauce is just so good with fried seafood. Try it with poached fish filets, pan-fried scallops, boiled langoustines, or any other kind of fish, seafood or shellfish you like. This creamy sauce will complement any of them.

This is a very simple sauce, since it only calls for 3 ingredients and takes 5 minutes to cook. If you do not already have shrimp butter, we have included a recipe for it, so you can make that first and then get on with the rest of the recipe. You will also need to make béchamel sauce if you do not already have it. Bottled béchamel sauce is passable but homemade béchamel sauce is of course better and fresher-tasting. If you have béchamel sauce left over from a previous recipe (perhaps you were making lasagna for example) you can use it here in this recipe, and the same of course applies to the shrimp butter or crayfish butter. A lot of people have never heard of nantua sauce but we guarantee you when you try it you will fall in love with the wonderful creamy texture and amazing flavor, and want to make it again. Continue reading

Delicious Béarnaise Sauce

This classic French sauce is really good with any plain meat or fish, but especially wonderful with steak. It is considered to be a ‘child’ of hollandaise sauce, one of the ‘mother sauces’ in French cuisine. Made with vinegar, white wine, tarragon, and shallots, and finished with butter and egg yolks, this sauce is indeed very similar to hollandaise, except hollandaise uses white wine or lemon juice for flavoring while béarnaise uses shallot, pepper and tarragon. A good béarnaise sauce is pale yellow, creamy and smooth. It is served at room temperature.

It is believed the sauce was created in 1836 by the chef Collinet, who is also famous for inventing puffed potatoes. The dish was served at the opening of Le Pavillon Henri IV, a restaurant near Paris which was named after Henry IV of France. He was a gourmet who was born in Béarn, France, and this is how béarnaise sauce acquired its name. Although the sauce is sometimes spelt ‘Bernaise sauce’ as if it came from Bern which is the capital of Switzerland, that is an incorrect spelling, and Bern is not connected with it in any way.

There are various béarnaise sauce variations, or derivatives, including sauce foyot which is béarnaise made with meat glaze, sauce choron which is made with tomato paste added but without the tarragon, sauce Colbert which is like sauce foyot but with reduced white wine too, and sauce paloise where the tarragon is swapped for mint. There are various ways to make the sauce, such as making a hollandaise then adding the béarnaise flavors, using a bain-marie, or trying the following recipe which always gives a lovely result. You can make it an hour ahead if you want. Just let it sit in the blender, then add a tablespoon of very hot water and blend for a few seconds. Continue reading

Mango and Ginger Butter Sauce

An unusual take on beurre blanc, or any of the other classic French butter sauces, this one features mango and ginger, for a brand new, exotic take on the sauces you might be more familiar with. This one would be perfect over halibut or cod, or you could try it over chicken or even with a vegetable risotto, for a tropical twist on the flavor. Easy to make and full of lovely flavor, this sauce is well worth making. You can use a pinch of ginger instead of the fresh ginger if you prefer, but use the fresh kind if you want the best result.

A Tasty, Tropical Tang

This unusual sauce is tasty over fish but you could also try something new if you want to add exotic flair to your appetizer. Try serving a spoonful of this warm sauce over scallops or shrimp, or even over some risotto. Add some fresh herbs for a garnish and you have an unusual appetizer to impress your guests. You could even try this over ice cream or pancakes if you are looking for a brand new dessert sauce. This sauce is versatile enough for this too.

This is a fusion recipe rather than a standard one from one particular country. Some of the ingredients are inspired by Mexican cuisine while the cream and butter add a luxurious flavor and mouth-feel. If the sauce is ready before your fish or risotto or whatever you are serving it with, simply put the lid on the pan and the sauce will stay warm until you are ready to serve it. If it does cool down, it is easy enough to warm up again over a low flame. Perhaps you are looking for something new and exciting to serve with your meal, to bring fresh new flavors to your plate, in which case this would be the ideal sauce to choose. Continue reading

Authentic Sauce Meunière

Sauce meunière is made with butter, lemon and parsley, and it is one of the easiest sauces of all. It is usually served with sautéed fish, and the resulting dish is flavorful, light and beautiful. Whether you want to use cod, trout, haddock, cod, sole, or another lean, firm fish, you can expect a lovely result. The fish should be lightly floured and sautéed, and then you can use the same pan to make the sauce. The following recipe is just for the sauce, not the fish in sauce, so you can choose what to serve with it.

So Simple to Prepare

Butter needs to be heated in a pan until it turns brown and starts to smell nutty and aromatic. Do not have the heat too high. You want to turn the butter golden brown, not burn it. Add fresh lemon juice, parsley, and some salt and black pepper to taste, and your sauce is ready to serve. You can see there is really nothing that can go wrong here. Let your sauce cook and then serve it over fish. Consider some baby potatoes on the side, or some rice if you prefer. Green beans, broccoli or another green vegetable makes a tasty side dish for this meal.

This recipe makes enough sauce for 4 portions of fish, so double it if you are feeding a crowd. Trout meunière is a French dish and it is also found in New Orleans Creole cuisine because the seafood from the Gulf of Mexico is abundant and tasty, and sauce meunière goes so well with it. You can also get redfish and soft-shell crab à la meunière, as well as oysters en brochette (oysters on skewers). Once you have made this dish once, you will want to make it again, trying it on different kinds of fish. Whoever would have thought combining butter, lemon and parsley could offer such an exquisite, tasty sauce for fish? Continue reading

Beurre Blanc with Chives

This is a wonderful sauce to serve over fish, and it is so easy to make. Forget about those readymade sauces or sachets of sauce you mix with water or milk, and make your own instead, because the fresh result is just amazing, and this sauce does not take long to make either. As you might have guessed from the name this is a French sauce. Translated, ‘beurre blanc’ means white butter in French. This hot, emulsified butter sauce is similar to hollandaise, in that it contains both cream and lemon, but it is not considered as one of the ‘classic’ 5 French sauces.

The Creation of Beurre Blanc

According to the story, this sauce was invented by accident when a chef called Clémence Lefeuvre forgot to add the egg yolks and tarragon to her béarnaise sauce. The resulting sauce tastes good with the pike she had cooked and then became a sauce in its own right. There is another variant of beurre blanc, which is called beurre rough (literally red butter) and that is made by swapping the white wine for red wine. This sauce often contains wine vinegar too, but not always.

Making this recipe is very simple. You need to reduce the wine in a pan with the garlic, shallot and thyme in there to add flavor. Keep the pan on the back boiler and you will be able to see the wine reduce. As this happens, the flavors will intensify. The lemon juice and cream go in next, and then the butter. The chives and black pepper are added at the end, and then the sauce is ready to serve over your fish of choice. If you prefer to use white pepper to avoid the black specks in the finished sauce, that is also fine, if a less traditional choice. Continue reading

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