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Classic Sauces

Sweet and Tangy Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce

If you have never used English mustard before let me pre-warn you it has some teeth to it. It is not your normal yellow mustard we get here in the States so taste this before you send it to the fridge and dip into it with that special dipping treat. Try a little dab to taste so you can adjust the amount of heat and sweet with either a bit more honey or mustard if you like it on the hot side. This is really a nice kind of sweet and sour (well hot really) kind of taste which as many of you know is one of my favorite flavor profiles aside from bacon.

I am lucky one of my dear staff members is from the UK so I got turned on to this treat a long time ago with a recipe we were doing where she suggested I give it a try. Frankly I like spicy and I like it in many forms from horseradish to chilies and well anything that perks up the old sinuses. Mustard is something that is usually tame here in America a few brave souls have discovered some of the special deli brands that pack a bit of punch and what a nice way to wake up a sandwich than with a bit of spice to the otherwise ordinary deli meat.

I mean things like corn beef, pastrami and roast beef (which is where the English use this) are just vastly improved in my onion by a bit of tangy mustard in the mix. I mean also think of those plain nuggets and chicken tenders without something to give them a wakeup call. I mean this will go great with pretty much any fried chicken dish not just the crispy little bite size pieces. Try it on a piece of your favorite fried chicken if you want to find out for yourself don’t just take my word for it. Now I give some ideas on specific brands you can always use what you like but the results will vary especial on the “Colman’s Mustard” this is what gives this most of the heat. Continue reading

Dried Chanterelle and Baby Bella Mushroom Sauce

In the following recipe I keep it vegetarian and it will make an excellent partner too many vegetarian dishes but it is not just limited to dishes without meat. It would be an excellent pairing with beef, pork or even veal. The possibilities are endless and this sauce has a level of sophistication not found in many plain mushroom sauces. The blend of commercial and wild mushrooms is a pairing that is both balanced and multi leveled and has the power to elevate any dish it is served with to something special.

It has a bit of steps but believe me they are fairly simple and well worth the process for a dinner you want to impress your guest with. Wild mushrooms are something you should only use from reliable sources or someone that is extremely knowledgeable in wild mushrooms as some wild mushrooms can have serious risk involved. With that said though when used properly and the right kinds have a taste that makes you know why some of the finest cooks in the world seek these out for use in recipes.

You don’t have to pay for a world class chef if you follow the steps in my guide below I take you through the whole process from basic mushroom info, to how to reconstitute them and how to use them in your recipe so you avoid the pitfalls that come with using any ingredient you are unfamiliar with. When used right though you will never look at store bought mushrooms the same. Continue reading

Amazing Thai Sweet Chili Sauce

If you think Mexican is the only cuisine with some heat then you have not tried Thai or Indian food for that matter. Many places around the world have a spicy element to their cuisine and it is not just limited to Mexico. Many parts of Asia have dishes that would even make a seasoned Mexican food fan draw a tear to their eye it is a fact of almost any hot climate has some heat in its food and it is not just from the hot sun blaring down.

Spicy food is easier to digest in hot climates I am not totally sure of the medicine behind this but if you follow the suns path and where it is hottest and coldest you will notice a pattern to the local cuisine that mimics the climate. Whatever the reason historically it doesn’t matter as much today with modern luxuries like air conditioning but you will find spicy food fans all over and if you want to try some excellent spicy food you have to try Thai food it is spectacular.

As I have been on a one woman crusade lately to point out call it what you like I don’t care great food is happening everywhere and try and keep an open mind and you will treat yourself to some wonderful cuisine all over the globe. No one country has the market so to speak cornered on great cooking and it happens in some of the least suspecting places so keep your eye open and you will treat yourself to some things you never know existed and will be glad you did. And one of those places is Thailand it is an amazing source of great food. Continue reading

Button Mushroom and Onion in Cream Sauce

Most chefs spend time training in Paris for one very important reason the mastering of the art of sauce making. French cuisine is the implementation of fine sauces to elevate any dish and it is this knowledge that all chefs need. Show me a great chef I mean the true masters who haven’t spent at least a little time in either a French kitchen or culinary school they all know that this is an important step in mastering the art of food.

Now I am not a French chef by any means and I have only virtually been to Paris I have staff that have been and I understand the concept of much of the cuisine. This recipe works for a nice creamy sauce with loads of mushrooms and onions which is a plus right from the start with me these two ingredients pair together as well as any two culinary items I can think of. Other than bacon with bacon if that is a pairing, lol.

Now there are many things this sauce will go well with from a simple pasta dish to various meats that will lend well to it. It is a rich sauce so I am not suggesting it every night of the week but a little indulgence every now and then is good for us it lets us appreciate the finer things in life which food is definitely one of those. I am spending a few days focusing on this site it is in need of a bit of house cleaning so to speak so I will have a whole series of recipes coming soon and maybe a few other slight tweaks especial on the mobile side of things that will hopefully make getting around a bit easier on your mobile device. Until the next recipe enjoy. Continue reading

Traditional Greek Tzatziki Sauce

Now before you start sending me hate comments and asking why it took so long to do a recipe for this stop and think I have X number of sites with fans all wanting there special ethnic recipe covered and there are four kids, a husband, a carrier and oh yeah that MS thing so I hadn’t gotten to it yet, so sorry… Well in the realm of better late than never here is a traditional Greek recipe I am sure you will love even if it is a bit late in the making.

Now before you point out the blonde girl isn’t Greek no I’m not, close in proximity but no more than I am Mexican and I have run one of the most comprehensive Mexican food sites on the net for almost ten years now. See the beauty of the net is if you know how to research and understand how food items work together you can cover any subject you like. I also have a team of very dedicate staff around the world that keep me centered and make sure I don’t get a case of dumb Yank.

Just like a surgeon can operate on an American one day and someone from somewhere else the next day food is similar that once you understand the basics and how things work with a bit of research you can find the missing piece then just put the puzzle together. It would be like telling someone in Europe they can’t bake an apple pie or make a hamburger, nonsense. Show me a chef who hasn’t traveled and combined those travels into something uniquely themselves and I’ll show you a chef who hasn’t traveled. One of the things I love is exploring the world through food, it is the one thing that brings us all a little closer. Continue reading

Sicilian Nut Pesto with Pistachio

The origins of the pistachio tree – it has been known and grown in parts of the Mid East for several thousand years. It is a well known fact that they were a known delicacy in the region. In modern day Iran (historically known as Persia), the pistachio trade and the owning of pistachio groves was a sign and source of vast wealth and high status. Pistachios spread into the Mediterranean with the various conquest of Alexander the Great in the early 300s BC, who introduced it to Greece. Roman Emperor Tiberius later brought the nut into Spain and Italy.

The cultivation area for pistachio with the spreading of Islam expanded further and the pistachio would also cross over the Alps. Pistachios were used in different ways for cooking throughout Italy, but on the northern side of the Alps their use was primarily used as an expensive supplement to baked goods.

During parts of the 1880s, pistachios were imported and became popular in America, mainly with immigrants of Middle Eastern descent. In the 1920s a movement was started to introduce the pistachio to central California to start a domestic crop. Now a day’s most of the pistachios grown here come from New Mexico, Arizona and California which make up a 100% of commercial U.S. pistachio production with most growing mainly done by California which produces 99% of all pistachio grown. Continue reading

Quick and Easy Beef Stroganoff Sauce

Are you looking for a fast dinner recipe that you can make for dinner on a busy night? Try my delicious beef stroganoff recipe today. This recipe pairs beef broth with sour cream, flour and butter for a thick, rich texture. Add beef, onions and mushrooms for texture and flavor, and you will find this a well-rounded sauce which you can ladle over rice, noodles, potatoes or even toast for a delicious and satisfying meal.

There are various ways to make a stroganoff sauce and some people like to use the crockpot to make it. If you do not want to wait all day for it to cook though, try the following recipe because you can make it on the stove. Instead of using stewing beef to make it, this recipe calls for ground beef, so you still get the meaty flavor but ground beef cooks in a few minutes rather than needing hours to tenderize. You can alter the quantities if you want. Some people like to use plenty of beef while others just want the meaty flavor. This recipe already includes beef broth so the meaty flavor will be clearly evident.

One of the most famous dishes to come out of Russia, stroganoff sauce is known everywhere and served in restaurants wherever you go, and not only Russian restaurants. There is nothing not to love about this rich-tasting creamy sauce which pairs the rich flavor of meat with a creamy, luxurious texture. Not only is this a delicious sauce but it is also really simple to make. Once you have cooked the beef and vegetables, all the sauce ingredients go into the pan and then you can warm the sauce up and serve it over rice or your starch of choice. Now you can see how quick and easy it is to make you will want to grab your ingredients and begin! Continue reading

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