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Fruit Sauces

Creamy Vegan Avocado Sauce for Pasta

This dish would be equally good (maybe better) with either spaghetti squash or spiralized zucchini replacing the pasta but that is totally up to you. This is a wonderful use of avocado which is a truly wonderful ingredient to use in your recipes it has so much good stuff in it and it adds such a natural creaminess to recipes. Long a main stay of Mexican cuisine it can be used in a number of different ways or just on its own.

We are all familiar with guacamole but this is not the only use for this fruit it can be used in many different ways and lends well to vegan dishes as it is such a natural vegetable based protein. But that doesn’t mean you can’t serve it with meat dish or none meat dishes it will lend itself to many different uses. I love avocado in salads and it also makes a wonderful addition to salad dressing recipes.

Although they are relatively high in fat it is all monounsaturated and polyunsaturated so it will have loads of health benefits to incorporate it more heavily into your daily diet. Try considering adding either slices or cubes to a salad it goes real well with baby spinach leaves. Or serving some grilled slices as a side to your next barbecue or even whole grilled slice to your favorite burger recipe. The number of uses is really only limited by your imagination and when you start looking at it in a new way you will be amazed at the possibilities. Continue reading

Rich Plum Sauce with Mustard and Ginger

Blending the sweetness of plums with the piquant flavors of mustard and chilies, this plum sauce boasts a rich, satisfying flavor, and a thick, syrupy consistency. You can adapt the amount of heat if you wish, de-seeding the jalapeños or swapping them for poblano, Anaheim or another milder pepper. You can also swap them for habanero or cayenne peppers if you want to increase the spice factor rather than decreasing it.

Leave out the sugar, ginger and mustard seeds for a more authentic taste, or leave them in for a richer, rounder flavor which most Westerners prefer. The recipe makes a lot of plum sauce and we recommend canning it because it keeps for up to a year kept somewhere dark and cool. It is really versatile and you can try it with duck or lamb, use it to glaze grilled meat, add it to your next turkey or lamb sandwich, dip your potstickers or egg rolls in it, or try it tossed with rice and green onions.

These are just a few serving suggestions and you are sure to come up with plenty more. You can even give some of the cans away as gifts. Homemade plum sauce is certainly something to savor and enjoy, so why not share the deliciousness with your nearest and dearest? Some people like to leave out most of the sugar, although if you were to do that the sauce would lack some of the texture and body which makes it rich, so either use some of it or else swap some of the sugar for honey. You can also play around with the balance between white sugar, brown sugar and honey, to get your own preferred type of sweetness. Continue reading

Best Ever Strawberry Sauce

This wonderful strawberry sauce is fantastic served over ice cream, or you could try it with crepes, pancakes or waffles. The recipe is really simple, and you only need strawberries, sugar and vanilla extract to make it. For the best results, use fresh strawberries, preferably organic ones for a superior flavor, granulated white sugar and pure vanilla extract. There are only 3 ingredients in the recipe so use the best ingredients you can get and you will be rewarded with an incredible flavor in the finished sauce.

Save about ¼ of the strawberries to add to the sauce near the end, then you will have some chunks in the sauce. If you prefer a smooth result though, put all the strawberries in the pan at the start of the recipe and you can even sieve and/or puree the sauce after cooking it, just to ensure it is perfectly smooth. This bright red sauce is incredible with vanilla ice cream, or you could use it in combination with hot fudge sauce and maybe add some chopped nuts to your sundae too.

If you usually grab a commercially-produced syrup to drizzle over your ice cream but you are curious how something less synthetic and chemical-filled would taste, choose this recipe and you are sure to love the result. This recipe makes about 2 cups of strawberry sauce and it keeps for 2 or 3 weeks in the refrigerator. Keep it in a squeezy bottle and you can easily drizzle it over your ice cream or pancakes, or else just use an airtight jar or bottle and spoon it over. Everyone in the family will love the taste of this, from the youngest members right up to their grandparents. Who doesn’t love a bowl of vanilla ice cream, especially when finished off with some tasty homemade strawberry sauce? Continue reading

Blueberry Balsamic Sauce for Steak

This sauce is rich, slightly sweet and also offers a slightly bitter edge, making it perfect for steak. Perhaps you are familiar with sweet blueberry sauce, the kind you would serve on pancakes or ice cream, but this savory version is better with meat because it offers a range of aromatic flavors, not just the sweetness found in the commercial sweet versions of blueberry sauce. Because blueberries are the star of the sauce, use fresh ones.

Some of the ingredients are sweet, like the honey, molasses and brown sugar, while others are both sweet and savory, namely the balsamic vinegar and Vidalia onion. Use another kind of sweet onion if you cannot get Vidalia. The blueberries offer a sweet yet slightly tart tang, and the garlic and chili add savory accents. The poblano chili is optional though so just leave it out unless you want your sauce to offer a spicy kick.

This sauce takes about 40 minutes to make, a little more if you include chopping and prep time, so begin it well in advance, perhaps when you take your steaks out of the refrigerator, then allow them to come to room temperature while you start working on the sauce. Because the steaks need to rest once they are cooked, you can use those few minutes to finish the sauce, then serve them together, perhaps with potatoes or fries, and either salad or your favorite vegetables, as the side dishes. A full-bodied red wine complements the meal perfectly, and this is a great dish to serve on a special occasion. Continue reading

Mango and Ginger Butter Sauce

An unusual take on beurre blanc, or any of the other classic French butter sauces, this one features mango and ginger, for a brand new, exotic take on the sauces you might be more familiar with. This one would be perfect over halibut or cod, or you could try it over chicken or even with a vegetable risotto, for a tropical twist on the flavor. Easy to make and full of lovely flavor, this sauce is well worth making. You can use a pinch of ginger instead of the fresh ginger if you prefer, but use the fresh kind if you want the best result.

A Tasty, Tropical Tang

This unusual sauce is tasty over fish but you could also try something new if you want to add exotic flair to your appetizer. Try serving a spoonful of this warm sauce over scallops or shrimp, or even over some risotto. Add some fresh herbs for a garnish and you have an unusual appetizer to impress your guests. You could even try this over ice cream or pancakes if you are looking for a brand new dessert sauce. This sauce is versatile enough for this too.

This is a fusion recipe rather than a standard one from one particular country. Some of the ingredients are inspired by Mexican cuisine while the cream and butter add a luxurious flavor and mouth-feel. If the sauce is ready before your fish or risotto or whatever you are serving it with, simply put the lid on the pan and the sauce will stay warm until you are ready to serve it. If it does cool down, it is easy enough to warm up again over a low flame. Perhaps you are looking for something new and exciting to serve with your meal, to bring fresh new flavors to your plate, in which case this would be the ideal sauce to choose. Continue reading

Maple-Blackcurrant Sauce with Cayenne

Some sauces are really unusual and this definitely qualifies as one of those. If you are cooking salmon or cod, and looking for something really different to go with the fish, you should consider this fruity sauce because it is so special, bringing not only a sweet flavor but also a piquant touch. This is best if you use fresh blackcurrants, although frozen ones will also work if you thaw them and drain off any excess water.

This sauce also features maple syrup and you should use real maple syrup, not the artificial kind which is nothing more than sugar, water and chemicals. Even if you only have the artificial kind in the refrigerator, invest in some real maple syrup because it is worlds away in terms of quality.

The natural taste of the blackcurrants is sweet with a touch of tart in there, and the maple syrup is of course very sweet. Contrasting with those flavors you have cayenne pepper in the recipe to add a kick to the flavor, plus grated fresh ginger to add the lovely aromatic taste that gives. Salt and pepper help to round out the taste and a little balsamic vinegar also works well, adding both sweetness and a slight tang which complements the blackcurrant flavor so well.

This sauce can be made ahead, and then you can warm it up just before serving, and add the balsamic vinegar. This means you can cook the fish to perfection and plate it with the potatoes or any other side dishes you plan to serve, and then just finish off the sauce when you are ready to spoon it over the fish. Continue reading

Juicy Orange Sauce for Pancakes

Make this orange sauce for your pancakes or crepes in the morning and surprise the whole family. This sauce is sweet and delicious, and it is nice and thick too. Perhaps you usually drizzle the same kind of syrup over your pancakes in the morning or maybe pancakes are something of a rarity in your house. Either way, this recipe is always worth making. Because it is sweet, it is better for pancakes or crepes than, for example, a sauce for duck or chicken. It could also be served over vanilla ice cream or a cake-type dessert.

An Appetizing Serving Suggestion

Drizzle this over your homemade pancakes and then add some strawberries, blueberries and maybe also a sprig of fresh mint or basil to finish it off. If you have company and you serve this for breakfast prepare yourself for some very impressed breakfast guests! Pancakes (and crepes which are thinner and not so fluffy) are always good but add some homemade orange sauce and fresh berries and these touches take it to a whole new level.

You can use bottled or frozen orange juice to make it, or even freshly squeezed for the best results. Some orange zest is also nice unless you are using orange juice with pulp in it, in which case you might want to omit the zest.

White sugar counters any bitter taste in the orange juice and gives it a nice sweetness, and the cornstarch thickens up the mixture, making it thick enough to drizzle over pancakes without it soaking through. The final ingredient is the butter and this adds a luxurious mouth-feel to the sauce and makes it taste more decadent. Continue reading

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