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Simple Homemade Mayonnaise Recipe

It seemed to me if I was going to have a sauce category called mayonnaise based sauces I should finally tell you how you could make the base mayo at home and not have to rely on store bought mayo to tell you how your finial sauce was going to taste ever again. I mean what is the point of being held hostage to store bought mayo when it is super easy to make a health version in your own kitchen that is as thick or thin as you like.

Now a bit of a warning homemade mayo does use raw egg so if you have a health condition that maybe affected by this then forget the homemade kind. Now this is one of the reasons my recipe calls for only the best of eggs in the recipe just like raw fish for sushi is of a higher grade and stiffer safety precautions so are the use of raw eggs. Do a bit of research on the subject so you are an informed consumer and you shouldn’t have any issues doing so.

Now with that word of warning out of the way let me continue that if the consumption of raw egg is not an issue with you than homemade mayo is a huge improvement on store bought as it is fresh each time. And as we all know fresh when it comes to food is usually a huge quality improvement. Like most things in cooking though pick only the best ingredients as quality will only be as good as what you put into it so pick the best if you want the best finial results. Now you don’t need to use an immersion blender you can do this with a whisk (lots of arm work) or even a regular blender on a lower setting. I hope I have you ready to make your own mayo at home and loose the jar next time you want mayo for a sauce recipe or even a sandwich. Continue reading

Amazing Asian Plum Sauce

Word of Caution: birds eye chilies are very delicious but also very hot (spicy) adjust the heat level of this sauce to your desired liking by adding them sparingly and repeat the spice adjustment stage until you reach your heat tolerance level. With that word of caution out of the way birds eye chilies are one of the nicest tasting of the chilies but you do need to use caution it is recommended to wear plastic gloves while handling them to protect yourself and always wash your hands after extremely well and keep them away from your eyes.

With all that said if you love Asian food then this sauce is one you need to master to fully enjoy it. Plum sauce like many Asian sauces is both sweet and spicy and has a lovely taste that it imparts into food and is mainly used as a dipping sauce but feel free to cook various dishes with it as a featured sauce right in the recipe. I made this recipe as I was doing a trio of shrimp appetizers for our sister site on that subject and it dawned on me I needed a good plum sauce to serve them with so I set out to make this one so it would have a dipping sauce to serve the various appetizers with.

Plums are a wonderful fruit to use in sauces and you can use it in differing amounts of hot and sweet depending on the dish you are making. It is not just a fruit to use in dessert preparation or the making of jam and is rather commonly used in Asian cooking. Feel free to adjust the heat up or down as you like it I only recommend one of the birds eye chilies so as not to purposely overdue the heat it is always better to start tame and then adjust up to your heat threshold as it is harder to tame it then to increase it so if you like fiery Asian sauces don’t complain it is to wimpy just adjust it up I make many of these sauces with kids in mind and mine don’t have the heat threshold that me and my husband do. Continue reading

Sweet and Tangy Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce

If you have never used English mustard before let me pre-warn you it has some teeth to it. It is not your normal yellow mustard we get here in the States so taste this before you send it to the fridge and dip into it with that special dipping treat. Try a little dab to taste so you can adjust the amount of heat and sweet with either a bit more honey or mustard if you like it on the hot side. This is really a nice kind of sweet and sour (well hot really) kind of taste which as many of you know is one of my favorite flavor profiles aside from bacon.

I am lucky one of my dear staff members is from the UK so I got turned on to this treat a long time ago with a recipe we were doing where she suggested I give it a try. Frankly I like spicy and I like it in many forms from horseradish to chilies and well anything that perks up the old sinuses. Mustard is something that is usually tame here in America a few brave souls have discovered some of the special deli brands that pack a bit of punch and what a nice way to wake up a sandwich than with a bit of spice to the otherwise ordinary deli meat.

I mean things like corn beef, pastrami and roast beef (which is where the English use this) are just vastly improved in my onion by a bit of tangy mustard in the mix. I mean also think of those plain nuggets and chicken tenders without something to give them a wakeup call. I mean this will go great with pretty much any fried chicken dish not just the crispy little bite size pieces. Try it on a piece of your favorite fried chicken if you want to find out for yourself don’t just take my word for it. Now I give some ideas on specific brands you can always use what you like but the results will vary especial on the “Colman’s Mustard” this is what gives this most of the heat. Continue reading

Dried Chanterelle and Baby Bella Mushroom Sauce

In the following recipe I keep it vegetarian and it will make an excellent partner too many vegetarian dishes but it is not just limited to dishes without meat. It would be an excellent pairing with beef, pork or even veal. The possibilities are endless and this sauce has a level of sophistication not found in many plain mushroom sauces. The blend of commercial and wild mushrooms is a pairing that is both balanced and multi leveled and has the power to elevate any dish it is served with to something special.

It has a bit of steps but believe me they are fairly simple and well worth the process for a dinner you want to impress your guest with. Wild mushrooms are something you should only use from reliable sources or someone that is extremely knowledgeable in wild mushrooms as some wild mushrooms can have serious risk involved. With that said though when used properly and the right kinds have a taste that makes you know why some of the finest cooks in the world seek these out for use in recipes.

You don’t have to pay for a world class chef if you follow the steps in my guide below I take you through the whole process from basic mushroom info, to how to reconstitute them and how to use them in your recipe so you avoid the pitfalls that come with using any ingredient you are unfamiliar with. When used right though you will never look at store bought mushrooms the same. Continue reading

Sesame Teriyaki Chicken with Japanese Teriyaki Sauce

If you asked people to name their top favorite Asian food dishes I bet at least one of them has teriyaki sauce in them. This sweet and tangy sauce is a common favorite among Asian food lovers for a number of reasons but mainly because it just tastes so good. Now most people when making a teriyaki dish will just opt for a store bought sauce in a bottle but you can make your own homemade teriyaki sauce with little to no effort and just a few ingredients. The outcome is a true teriyaki sauce that is very flavorful without all the extra stuff they put in it and a major one my version is missing that is in many commercial prepared ones is the MSG.

I almost never make a recipe with it anymore as it is one of my most commented on recipes that called for it and I know there are a number of people with an MSG issue and therefore have made it a point to not ever use it in a recipe again if I can help it. So if one of the reasons you steer clear of Asian food in general and teriyaki recipes in particular is because of MSG you will not need to worry about it in this recipe.

See I do read every legitimate comment and I am sensitive to others needs so I try to learn from every recipe I make and every piece of feedback I get. I know I cannot make a recipe that will make a hundred percent of the people happy but this doesn’t mean I don’t try it will happen one day but in the meantime I strive to make recipes that most will like if not downright love and try when possible to adjust them if a I get a legitimate concern with a real solution that does not ruin the recipe in the process. Now don’t send me ones that say fried chicken isn’t good for you I got that we all, know that and although I wouldn’t tell you to eat it seven nights a week in most cases once in awhile is no real harm if it is pick another site. My aim is to make tasty recipes that are appreciated by most and alter when possible for individual needs. Continue reading

Zesty Orange Sauce – Orange Zest That Is

Sauces don’t always have to be savory although this has a nice citrusy taste it is definitely a sweet sauce and not savory. Now I suppose you could use it in a chicken recipe to give it a nice sweet citrus flavor and it would go well with a mild fish like cod, haddock or flounder but it really is most at home in the morning as a topping. Just because it is most at home though I am trying to show you even a so called dessert sauce has a place in other side dishes and main dish recipes if you want.

This is a really easy recipe and in fact is only a five ingredient recipe so not a lot of ingredients to have to buy and it can be put together pretty quick to. Now if you have the option for nice tree ripened oranges by all means squeeze the orange juice fresh I did it with a premium orange juice as no oranges accept those pre picked ones where I live so the premium orange juice is actually a better and fresher option for me.

Although this sauce is kind of meant to be served as a topping and from a small pitcher or similar serving dish it could be blended into a dish and used as a main sauce with the food instead of as an accompanying sauce. It could easily be made into the main focal point of the dish and I can see this being served with a dish over rice it would go very well as the sweetness of the sauce would lend well to rice or such. Although I have not tried this it might even make a nice salad dressing with a rice salad or similar dish. Continue reading

Amazing Thai Sweet Chili Sauce

If you think Mexican is the only cuisine with some heat then you have not tried Thai or Indian food for that matter. Many places around the world have a spicy element to their cuisine and it is not just limited to Mexico. Many parts of Asia have dishes that would even make a seasoned Mexican food fan draw a tear to their eye it is a fact of almost any hot climate has some heat in its food and it is not just from the hot sun blaring down.

Spicy food is easier to digest in hot climates I am not totally sure of the medicine behind this but if you follow the suns path and where it is hottest and coldest you will notice a pattern to the local cuisine that mimics the climate. Whatever the reason historically it doesn’t matter as much today with modern luxuries like air conditioning but you will find spicy food fans all over and if you want to try some excellent spicy food you have to try Thai food it is spectacular.

As I have been on a one woman crusade lately to point out call it what you like I don’t care great food is happening everywhere and try and keep an open mind and you will treat yourself to some wonderful cuisine all over the globe. No one country has the market so to speak cornered on great cooking and it happens in some of the least suspecting places so keep your eye open and you will treat yourself to some things you never know existed and will be glad you did. And one of those places is Thailand it is an amazing source of great food. Continue reading

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