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The Very Best Homemade Gravy Recipes

There is no such thing as the perfect homemade gravy, just because everybody has slightly different ideas on what constitutes a great gravy recipe. For example, some people enjoy very thick gravies.

Others like more watery gravies, which soak better into the mashed potatoes and meat. Some people like herbs and spices in their gravy and others prefer to keep the flavors more simple, just using the meat juices and some flour as well as salt and pepper.

The Truth About Homemade Gravy

Despite the wide range of possible homemade gravy recipes, there are some things that all the best gravies have in common. First, they have a taste, which complements the meat, or poultry you are using. A good chicken gravy will have the flavor of chicken, as well as some other tastes, which will go well with the whole dish.

A good beef gravy does not have to be fortified with red wine or port, or contain strong flavors (although it can, if you like) because there are many ways to make beef gravy and they are all different. If you want the flavor of your beef or steak to shine though, you might want to keep the gravy ingredients to an absolute minimum, just thickening up the meat drippings a bit and adding a little salt and black pepper for flavor.

The best homemade gravy recipes are also easy to make. There is no point spending hours making gravy when you can make something just as delicious in a few minutes. Since you are using the meat juices, in most cases, to make the gravy, the meat will be cooked when you begin to make the gravy. Most meats benefit from resting for five or ten minutes, to allow the juices to redistribute, so this is when you prepare the gravy.

Classic and Copycat Gravy Recipes

You can either make classic gravy recipes, adapt these recipes to make your own or make copycat gravy recipes. No matter whether you are planning to serve beef, turkey, lamb or something else, there are copycat gravy recipes to go with these, based on recipes from your favorite restaurants.

The one mistake you could make would be ruining a carefully cooked roast meal by using a gravy mix. Why cook a delicious joint of pork or beef or a chicken or turkey and then pour something over it, which you got out of a box?

Packet gravies contain nothing but chemicals and artificial flavors. Homemade gravy recipes are so simple that they are the best choice every time. Once you have tried making your own gravy you will never want to use a boxed gravy mix again.

Why Making Brown Gravy is So Easy

Brown gravy, which is heavenly with meat, mashed potatoes, or vegetables, is so simple to make. This is largely because you can just stir flour and broth into meat drippings to make it. Once the gravy is thick, it is ready to serve.

A basic brown gravy is especially simple to make, and therefore great for cooking beginners, because it is so quick and you only need a couple of ingredients to transform your meat juices into the finished product. Why use an inferior gravy mix when you could be making brown gravy so easily?

The best homemade gravy recipes are those, which use the best ingredients, so you need to add various things to the meat juices. You will need flour, cornstarch, or something else to thicken the gravy up, else it will be the consistency of water and, even for people who like thin gravies, that is too thin.

You also need seasonings; salt and black pepper are popular gravy seasonings or you can add Tabasco sauce, chili powder, spices, herbs and anything else you fancy or whatever the recipe calls for.

A spoonful of butter whisked into the gravy at the end gives it a glossy sheen and an extra rich flavor. Do not use margarine for this because butter suits the flavor of the drippings so much better.

The Difference Between Poultry Gravy and Other Gravies

Poultry gravy is not that different that gravies made for dark meat but they tend to be lighter in color and flavor. The lightness in color is because the juices from white meat like chicken are paler than juices from dark meats. The lightness in flavor is because you do not want to overpower the taste of the poultry.

Not only are there homemade gravy recipes for beef, chicken, lamb and other meats but there are gravy recipes for a homemade biscuit recipe, for vegetables and much more. Whatever you want to serve a gravy recipe with, there is a perfect gravy recipe that you can make to go with it.

So, enjoy browsing our extensive collection of the best homemade gravy recipes ever and happy cooking!

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