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Chicken Gravy

A Classic Chicken Gravy Recipe

Chicken gravy differs from the richer kind of gravy that might go with beef or lamb. Although chicken is a versatile meat in that it can take on different flavors and be just as nice cooked with bold, vibrant flavors as with delicate ones, a chicken gravy recipe is usually a lot lighter, in color and flavor, than its red meat counterparts are. A good gravy is capable of rescuing a mundane meal and a chicken gravy recipe can make your chicken extra juicy. If you have accidentally cooked poultry a bit too long it might be slightly dry, in which case a delicious chicken gravy recipe can disguise this. Even if your chicken comes out moist and delicious, chicken gravy adds flavor and completes the dish.

Easy Recipes for Chicken Gravy

The simplest way to make gravy for your chicken is to blend the drippings from the bird with flour and water. This gives you a basic gravy recipe, which you might want to add to or serve as it is. If you use seasoning on your chicken to cook it, it will transfer some of its flavor into the gravy. You might want to add some bouillon powder, wine or herbs to liven the chicken gravy up even more. It really just depends on your personal preferences, how you cooked the chicken, and what else you are serving with it. Chicken gravy takes no more than a few minutes to make and, served piping hot, it is a very welcome addition to a roast chicken dinner.


Chicken Gravy:




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