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Pork Gravy

Making a Perfect Pork Gravy

Pork gravy goes amazingly with roast pork and you can serve it instead of, or in addition to, applesauce or another sauce. Pork gravy is usually made by combining the drippings from the meat with pork broth or stock. White wine or sherry can be used instead of the broth or stock and flour or another thickener gives the gravy a nice consistency. If you do not get enough pork drippings to make the right amount of gravy, you can add vegetable oil, lard or butter instead, so you get the quantities right. Sage and tarragon are amongst the most popular herbs to pair with pork, so some pork gravy recipes might call for these.

Types of Pork to Serve with Gravy

You can serve pork gravy with roast pork, pork chops, belly pork, or even a cooked ham. If you boil a ham bone in your pork gravy, the taste will be even richer. If you have some pork drippings or pork broth as your base, you can even serve this tasty recipe over mashed potatoes or vegetables. A lot of gravy recipes are versatile, in that they can be served over anything you like. White wine is usually used in pork recipes, unlike with lamb or beef recipes where red wine is more prevalent. Some pork gravy recipes might contain red wine but the lighter, sharper flavor of white wine suits this meat better. Whether or not you have made gravy recipes before, there is nothing difficult about making pork gravy.


Pork Gravy:




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