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Turkey Gravy

A Very Tasty Turkey Gravy Recipe

Turkey is a wonderful tasting meat and it is especially popular at thanksgiving. If you are taking the effort to make a fantastic roast turkey, what about making a delicious turkey gravy recipe to go with it? Sometimes the nicest way to make a turkey gravy recipe is to boil the giblets, neck bones and wing tips with vegetables and other ingredients, and then strain it to make a stock. This is very easy and always gives excellent results. This pure, wholesome, and nicely flavored stock is what gives turkey gravy its magic. These pieces of the bird would otherwise be wasted but they give an incredible flavor to a homemade turkey gravy recipe so do not be surprised if a recipe for turkey gravy calls for these parts.

Other Recipes for Turkey Gravy

If you do not have stock or giblets there are other ways to make a tempting turkey gravy recipe and you can still make the gravy from scratch, adding wine, sherry, butter, flour, herbs or any other ingredients the recipe calls for. The fat that comes out of the meat as it roasts is one of the best ingredients to make the gravy with because not only will it have a fine flavor but it will also have a fine depth of flavor. Flavor can be added with salt and pepper but a depth of flavor is something that comes from using the best ingredients and a good gravy cooking technique.


Turkey Gravy:




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