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Vegetable Gravy

How to Make a Tasty Vegetable Gravy

A simple vegetable gravy recipe can be created with butter, flour and seasoning. You will need to begin with a high quality vegetable stock – preferably one you have made yourself. Whether you are feeding vegetarians or you just want a meat-free gravy recipe, learning how to make a good vegetable gravy is a handy skill to possess. Vegetable gravy can be served with meat, poultry, or vegetables and it is also very good served over mashed potatoes, so if you are making different meals for different people you can still serve the same gravy and it should complement everything. If you have made a biscuit recipe for vegetarians, what better accompaniment to serve them than a vegetable gravy made with love and care.

Which Vegetables to Use

The sky is the limit when making a vegetable gravy since every vegetable has its own flavor and there is no reason at all why your vegetable gravy should come out bland. You can even use herbs and spices to add more flavor to it, or what about a dash of wine or sherry? Perhaps you would like to use classics such as carrots, celery, onion, and rutabaga. Using roasted vegetables to make the stock give more depth to the end flavor of the gravy and grilling the vegetables would do the same. You can caramelize onions by cooking them slowly in fat and the resulting onions are sweet and delicious. Knowing tips like these can help you to make a really good vegetable gravy recipe.


Vegetable Gravy:




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