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Baked Chicken Marinade

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Baking is one of the simplest cooking methods for poultry but you can dry it out in an oven if you are not careful. To give the best flavor to your baked chicken, as well as ensuring it stays succulent and moist, why not investigate some marinades for it? There are easy ones for any palate or occasion, including simple herb-based ones or bold marinades featuring ingredients like BBQ sauce, soy sauce, chili, or red wine. Chicken is such a versatile ingredient that you can use pretty much any style of marinade on it and get fantastic results, whether you opt for fragrant, aromatic recipes or something rather more full-flavored.

Baking Marinated Poultry

Some of these recipes can double as sauces too, if you boil them separately in a pan on the stove while the chicken bakes. Perhaps you fancy trying a baked chicken marinade with pineapple, a Korean barbeque marinade with ginger, or even a cilantro, and garlic chicken one. Making these recipes is simple and using such a marinade makes your home-cooked poultry even more delicious and special. If you are new to marinating, then making one of these recipes is a good idea to begin with because you can control the heat of the oven more easily than the heat of the grill or stove, and you can see how the meat is doing by looking through the glass door.


Baked Chicken Marinade:




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