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International Steak Marinades

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If you have ever wondered what the first marinades were like or how marinating meat was ever dreamt up in the first place, you might like to have a look at some of our articles. You can also discover useful tips for seasoning your beef, information about how to make spice rubs, and plenty more.

Learn to Cook Steaks Like a Pro

Meat is not difficult to cook but there are various things that can go wrong. Knowing how to tell when your beef is done and knowing how long to let it rest after cooking are two of the things that can make the difference between a good meal and a great one.

Adding an International Flavor

Something exciting about marinades is that you can add the flavor of any country or cuisine you like simply by changing the ingredients in the marinade to offer a bold, vibrant flavor or a delicate, aromatic one. Do you want to add a Mexican taste to your sirloin, give your ground beef a sweet and sour Chinese taste or give a Mediterranean touch to your filet mignon? Any of these would be possible and there plenty more marinade besides. Steak can take on pretty much any flavor you want to throw at it, and come out even tastier than ever before, with its natural flavor being complemented to the fullest. This is why international steak marinades are so exciting to use and experiment with.

The type of steak you are using determines to some extent the marinade you choose, or at least the marinating time. If you wish to marinate a tough cut of meat such as skirt, chuck or flank steak, consider something with citrus or vinegar because acidic ingredients can tenderize the meat as well as adding flavor. A lot marinating time is good with such cuts of beef and you can leave it marinade on overnight. A delicate filet mignon will go mushy though, if you marinate it more than about half an hour, so choose a light marinade, something that will not overpower the wonderful, natural meat taste, and then marinate it briefly. The resulting steak will be tender and flavorful too.

International Steak Marinades:




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