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Vegetable Marinades

Marinade Recipes to Enhance Your Grilled Veggies

Vegetables can be marinated in the same way that you would marinate meat, poultry, or fish and they retain the marinade flavor really well. Whether you are using herbs, curry, mustard, soy sauce or something else in your marinade recipes, you can match the marinade to the vegetables you are going to use or match the flavor to the overall dish, if you are going to serve your grilled vegetables alongside a specific meat or fish for example.

An hour is usually long enough for vegetables to absorb the flavor of marinade recipes, so you do not have to worry about having to marinate the vegetables the day before your barbecue.

Adding an Exciting Flavor

The point of using a marinade is to add your chosen flavors to the vegetables, and this depends not only on which vegetables you are marinating but also what you are in the mood for, along with what you are serving the veggies with. If you are serving a spicy, strong-flavored meat or fish dish, you might wish to stick to citrus and herbs perhaps, to keep the veggies simple and ensure they do not clash with the flavor of the meat.

Some vegetables are marinated while raw, others are marinated after cooking, and some can be bottled in the marinade, or left in there until you want to serve them. Every recipe is different. When people think of marinades, chicken and steak usually come to mind way before vegetables. Even fish and seafood marinades tend to come to mind before the vegetables marinades, but if you have never tried marinating veggies you are missing out because you can add such an incredible flavor to them so easily.


Vegetable Marinades:




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