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Cheese Sauce

Rich and Creamy Cheese Sauces

Although many of us have never tried a bordelaise or sauce noisette, pretty much everyone has had cheese sauce, whether as part of a mac and cheese recipe, a cauliflower cheese side dish, or simply something served over veggies to make them more appealing. Cheese melts beautifully to make cheese, and combines with ingredients like milk, white wine or cream, depending what kind of consistency and result you are looking for. Herbs and spices can be used in a cheese sauce, and you can serve it over meat, fish, vegetables, or poultry, or use it as part of a dish like a pasta bake or similar meal. You will never make cheese sauce from an instant mix again once you discover how easy it is to make it from scratch.

Different Kinds of Cheese Sauce

From the most basic cheese sauce, made with butter, flour, milk, and cheddar, to something more unusual with blue cheese, thick and creamy sauces which will cling to pasta sheets or cauliflower, or thinner ones to soak into a bed of rice, there are certainly plenty to choose from. You can work on the basic 4-ingredient recipe by adding wine, herbs or other seasonings to add different flavors, or try a different cheese instead of the most commonly used cheddar, perhaps even 2 or 3 cheeses for a more complex flavor. Cheeses vary from mild to strong, creamy to sharp, and they also range from white to orange and even green- or blue-veined, so take your pick from your absolute favorites.

Cheese Sauce:




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Christine Szalay-Kudra

Hello, I'm Christine. Thanks for dropping by and welcome to Amazing Sauces. Food is a very important part of our family's lives, and I find a homemade sauce often finishes a dish perfectly. Whether you are making something with chicken, beef, pork, vegetables, an appetizer, or even a dessert recipe, a sauce is often the ideal finishing touch.

You will find many sauce recipes here, all conveniently in one place, from the classics like tomato sauce, béchamel sauce and cheese sauce, to gravies, marinades, and unusual ideas for sauces too like ginger-plum sauce or gorgonzola sauce.

Some sauces can be drizzled over the meal, while others are best served on the side. Some will work as a dip or sauce, while others are great for basting, marinating or adding a splash of color to a recipe. Try our creamy gravies with your breakfast, one of our international steak marinades for a sophisticated spin on dinner, or learn how to make a classic béarnaise or rich red wine sauce to complement your dish.

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