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Spicy Sauces

Nice and Spicy Sauces

A spicy sauce can offer a hint of spice or it can be crazy hot, although most are somewhere between these two extremes. Spicy sauces go especially well with simple, plain meats, fish and vegetable dishes, because they add a spicy kick to the dish and make it special. Some spicy sauces are just regular sauces with chilies or chili powder in, or even cayenne pepper, while others are built to showcase the spicy flavor and the other ingredients complement the chilies or whatever you are using for the heat. Add the spice gradually, since it is easier to notch up the heat in increments rather than try to tackle an overly spicy sauce and make it milder.

Different Kinds of Spicy Sauces

Spicy sauces can be any color at all, herby or citrusy (or both), suitable for savory or sweet dishes, and creamy or otherwise. A spicy sauce can even be served over chocolate cake, since chili powder and chocolate are incredible together, or try a spiced chocolate sauce over plain vanilla ice cream for a very easy yet incredible dessert experience. Most spicy sauces are for savory courses though, and are found in many cuisines from Mexican to Indian, Chinese, Italian, and many more. If you are serving plain chicken, you can choose pretty much any spicy sauce. If you are serving beef then you will find certain sauces go better with that meaty taste, and the same applies to the more delicate flavor of fish.

Spicy Sauces:




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Christine Szalay-Kudra

Hello, I'm Christine. Thanks for dropping by and welcome to Amazing Sauces. Food is a very important part of our family's lives, and I find a homemade sauce often finishes a dish perfectly. Whether you are making something with chicken, beef, pork, vegetables, an appetizer, or even a dessert recipe, a sauce is often the ideal finishing touch.

You will find many sauce recipes here, all conveniently in one place, from the classics like tomato sauce, béchamel sauce and cheese sauce, to gravies, marinades, and unusual ideas for sauces too like ginger-plum sauce or gorgonzola sauce.

Some sauces can be drizzled over the meal, while others are best served on the side. Some will work as a dip or sauce, while others are great for basting, marinating or adding a splash of color to a recipe. Try our creamy gravies with your breakfast, one of our international steak marinades for a sophisticated spin on dinner, or learn how to make a classic béarnaise or rich red wine sauce to complement your dish.

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